WIB PB: Girls Only Want Boyfriends Who Have Great Skills

Taking this off campus and over a few sweet jumps.

The Sledgehammer

Partner Up

Straight up East to Scott

10 partner leg throws, flapjack

Right on Scott, to the bottom of Scott @ Kenilworth

10 partner leg throws

Up Kenilworth to East

10 partner leg throws

Right on East

Right on Dilworth Road East to Latta Park

Pick up the trail and run to the playground

10 pull-ups, 10 leg lifts (from hanging position lift your legs to parallel position, then back down; if you feel froggy, legs can go up to your hands, then back down).

Up Winthrop

Right on East to South

Left on South

Left on Worthington to Charlotte

Stopping at each cross street for 15 merkins

Left on Charlotte

Right on East

Check the watch. Your next decision will define you for the rest of the day. Now, depending on the clock, you may not have the sack to make this next move. If you don’t, just mosey your ass back to the gravel lot. You lose.

If you got it, go for it:

Hang a right on Cumberland and pump the gas to Lilac.

Up the Lurker.

Turn around and burn whatever you got left to the lot via Freedom Park.

Important Note:

It sounds unreasonable, I know, but we’ll be running in clean air. We should be all right.

I’m not responsible if you tear your junk up.


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