Fibonacci Leg Day

22 men learned a few new leg exercises at Fortress this past Friday, but not all of them were model students.

The Thang:

Mosey around church to COP in front of the sanctuary: SSH’s x55 (Happy Birthday to YHC!), IW’s x20, Copperhead Squats x20, Mountain Climbers x20, LBC’s x20 (or Heels to Heaven? #seniormoment)

Mosey to Rutledge & Fielding for a couple rounds of escalating exercises – perform 1 rep at first light and increase reps by 1 until you finish with 10 reps (total of 55 reps)

  • Round 1 – Jump Squats (Fielding to Kingscross)
  • Round 2 – Alternating Lunges (Kingscross to Rutledge) with last set at Providence Baptist lot

Mosey to the rock pile – oops, no more rocks – mosey to grassy area near side entrance of church for Leg Exercise Lesson I; exercises in cadence: Snowboarder Jumps x7 (harder than you think), Side Lunges ~x15, Glute bridges x20 (one leg in the air to make it a bit harder; #crowdpleaser).

Mosey around the church to the picnic tables for some GAAP Ups 10R/10L (IC)

Head to the field for Leg Exercise Lesson II: The Plie Squat Calf Raise and 10 DoReMi’s (no handed turkish get up like exercise)

Long Mosey back to Trinity Lot



  • Honored to celebrate my 55th birthday by leading the best 5:45am workout in the Metro.  Can’t believe it’s been nearly 6 1/2 years since I started F3 – thanks to all of you for making me a better man.
  • I’ve been rehabbing my shoulders lately, and decided #nomerkins was what the doctor ordered today.  A bit of Googling on Thursday night led me to the Snowboarder Jumps, the Plie Squat Calf Raise and I was reminded that the Glute Bridge is #7 on the list of The 10 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Legs
  • The pax were a bit rowdier than normal this morning and didn’t seem to appreciate my thoughtful demo’s #thankGodcoachwasnotthere, but most begrudgingly complied.  The Snowboarder Jumps must have brought back painful memories of a knee injury for Wichita and he said “heck no” to those and  knocked out about 25 good form merkins instead.
  • The “GAAP Ups” are step ups with one foot staying on the bench during the entire exercise.  I learned at ALS this morning that Little W should get the credit for coming up with these #timeundertension
  • Sorry about the delay in getting this backblast out!
  • Oh yea, 55 is both a Fibonacci number and a Triangular number #mathisgood


  • 4th of July Convergence at 6:30 followed by the American Four Miler at 7:30; One-year anniversary for Speed for Need.  Still working on specific location for the convergence, but race will be in Midtown area this year
  • Please keep Bill Palmer and his family in your prayers; recent surgery to remove brain tumor and he’s currently recovering


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