There’s an episode of Seinfeld where George Costanza announces he wants to name his firstborn child “Seven.” It’s a tribute to his childhood hero Mickey Mantle who wore #7.  One of YHC’s childhood baseball heroes was Johnny Bench who wore the #5.  In fact, YHC specifically wore #5 one year of Little League because of Bench.

Today’s workout celebrated the #5 but had nothing to do with Johnny Bench.

The Thang

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey to Selwyn Elem teacher’s lot
COP: SSH/ IW/ Merkins/ Copperhead© Squats/ Flutter x 5 each

Head out Selwyn back entrance road towards Folsom Prison

Bear Crawl/ Crab Walk/ Pivot Squat/ Broad Jump/ Lunge Walk

Reach Folsom Prison only to find FIA doing their thang on it. Big part of today’s workout was created using Folsom as our home base.  Audible to the parking lot on other side of gym.

The Five
Run to five different places, one at a time. At each place, do 5 reps of assigned exercise and return to parking lot.  In parking lot, repeat 5 exercises starting with reps of 5 and reducing by 1 each subsequent time

Repeat the directions 5 times because Pax didn’t have 0n their listening ears today

Places w/ Exercise

  1. Corner fire escape/ staircase – climb to the top and at bottom, Merkins
  2. Main fire escape/ staircase next to Folsom – climb to the top and at bottom, People’s Chair w/ Air Presses
  3. Brick wall at round-about – Donkey Kicks
  4. Picnic shelter near Selwyn back road – Derkins
  5. Bleachers behind baseball field’s home plate – Dips

Exercises in Parking Lot

  1. Grass Pickers
  2. CDD
  3. Plank Jacks
  4. Squats
  5. LBCs

Plank-a-rama while waiting on the Six

Dolly x 30

Continue to front of AGMS
People’s Chair: regular/ Right Leg out/ Left Leg out/ Air Presses

Next stop: Bulldog Temple

20 Merkins at top/ 5 Squats at bottom in front of band room
Rinse and repeat dropping 5 Merkins each time while adding 5 Squats

To the rails for Outboard/ Inboard Pull ups x 10 each

To the Selwyn Post Office (grab a post in bus lot)
1-Legged Squats R/ L x 10 each
Front Facing Squats with back against post x 10

Mary:  Heels to Heaven/ Knee-ups/ R & L Oblique/ Rosalita x 15 each (or close enough)


F3 Dads kicks off the summer workout schedule on Saturday.  Meet 9AM @ the Freedom Park train lot.  2.0’s of all ages are welcome!

If you prefer to swing a sledge hammer on Saturday AM instead, hit MIP where evidently tearing down a brick wall is on the Weinke.

Double-down on July 4th.  Convergence at 6:30 AM followed by American 4 Miler to celebrate SPEED FOR NEED’s 1-year anniversary!


The Good
Both Kiefer and GAAP showed up on time!

Little W is engaged!

Rev made it home from Singapore without an International incident!

Money has a new car!

The Bad
The Pax listening skills.  While the directions may not have been simple, it doesn’t help if the Pax take off before the Q finishes.  When the Q says the bleachers behind home plate, there is no reason why you should be on the track.

Yesterday, June 11th was YHC’s five-year anniversary with F3.  Decided to celebrate today at the place where this journey began.  Great to be welcomed back at ALS despite my extended absence especially to see Pax who were there at my FNG post:  My Sharona (the Q that day), Little W, Eminem, Seńor Chips & Grapevine.  (Other Pax were already regulars @ ALS but didn’t post that day)

Thanks to all the Pax who have been a part this incredible ride for the past five years.  It has been a true life-changer and I am grateful for everyone’s support!

Genuinely appreciate the Pax’ support today even if they didn’t have their listening A-game.  Always an honor to Q Achilles Last Stand.  Thanks Foo for the keys!



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