Saturday Suffering

(This backblast is a little tardy, I know)

The hard-core Core turned out Saturday on a very humid morning.  YHC has moderated his regimen a bit, hoping to make it more tolerable.  Mostly, I want to make it more tolerable for ME!  I think we are getting there.  Here is what went down:

START Stretches (Don’t push. Modify. FORM!)


SSE + Sharon Towers + Mountain Climbers + 4 count diag LBCs + Rock Hoppers + Jump Squats + Stump Jumpers + 20 Cross Fit Merkins
Partner Plank Situps + Handslap Merkin + Bropee + Partner Derkin + Burpee catch-me-if-you-can


(2X) Goblet Squat, Tricep ext, Upright Rows, Greg Louganis, Lawn Mowers, Ball-chinian, Presses, KB Swings, Thruster Rows
Field 30 Shades of Merkin + Dollies + Plank hip slaps + Flutters + Russian Twist + Protractors + 8 Count Body Builders
END  Stretches

A good time was had by all.

We had few announcements, and YHC took us out.

It is always my pleasure to lead this fine bunch.  That said, I dont mind serving another Q.  As mentioned, I might prefer someone else whuppin’ me instead of whuppin’ myself.

Thank you, friends,


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