Shocks. Pegs. Lucky.

Okay, it’s doable. With time to kill. I can’t say with absolute certainty if steps or reps were eliminated by some along the way, only that me, Curly and Steroid made it through comfortably inside the 6:15a cut-off. For the record, we did not cut steps or reps. All other Pax came in right on time or just a few minutes later. I call that sweet success considering The Sledgehammer had not been test driven.

*Please let me know when you plan to run this again and I’ll confirm my fartsack.

This crew likes to play chicken with the 0530 start time and the start time, well, it won’t swerve to get out of your way. At one time, we were accustomed to saying things like, let’s meet @0520, wheels up @0530. Necessary when you have a gigantic Weinke to share. No matter, I explained what we were trying to do, audibled out of the partner arrangement, substituted squats for leg throws, asked for a 5 minute grace period (just in case) and off we went.

The Sledgehammer

For time management, you can pump fake The Lurker and dive back into Freedom Park to get to home base on time.

Not sure if the WIB’s #YG recruitment model is paying dividends by way of attendance – 16 men for 45 minutes of hard breathing – but I recommend Chair Thrower keep this up, at least through BRR. I like the idea of not knowing if we can get through something in the time allotted, only makes us push a little harder.

Anyone can come out throwing haymakers early, but you need to find sustainable speed out of the gate and get your head and heart right so you can drop some doucher down the stretch. That’s my free advice on HOW TO F*** S*** UP @ BRR.


I believe Curly can go faster. He either doesn’t know this or trust this just yet… but he can, if he wants to…

I’d say Steroid too, but that dude’s a beast and accelerating… y’all started talking, didn’t you?

I always enjoy seeing Red Warrior. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but it does me right to see him. He has this Big Brother Calm that I find attractive.

Mutiny, Frat and Wake Up Call all making the commitment to be regulars in the gloom. Again. I’m not emotionally involved with any one of these men and don’t know (specifically) what’s going on with anyone of them, but it seems we’re (F3Metro) experiencing a resurgence with the Class of ’12.

Great to see you fellas! We do this s*** every day!

At COT I asked if anyone got laid last night. Irrelevant? Hardly. One hand goes up. Tantrum’s hand.

Women weaken legs. It’s true and the fact that Tantrum was #DFL, well… there ya go!

Congratulations, my friend!

I’ve come to accept that I need (and try to get) a handshake agreement with my wife the morning of proposed tryst. That’s right. I’m detail oriented.

Enjoyed it. You’re doing good things, Chair Thrower — thanks for the invite!

Love and Hip Hop,


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