SIB: All Summer Long

After about 2 weeks I lost the two lists of names for the unwritten backblasts of 5/22 and 5/29. Trust me the workouts were outstanding and included the usual suspects at SIB – F3’s finest (we took a vote).

9 pax today. Hill workout.

Warm up run over to Chelsea/Tranquil intersection. Intervals: Hard up Tranquil to Selwyn; jog Selwyn to Hillside; hard down Hillside to Chelsea; jog Chelsea to Tranquil. Repeat n=4. Reverse route for one loop.

Jog over and run intervals up Wales, Dellwood and Brandywine. Jog to Michael Baker for a couple more hills. Cool down back to AG. ~55 minute total.

Sub4 is back at SIB – looking well rested and still in better shape than anyone else. He’s fully healed and stretched out. Been so long since he was here (at least when I show up) that I was about ready to put his picture away. Coach on a different sort of break from SIB – and much shorter (the break, not Coach), but we missed him just as much. All he wants to do is have some fun (and hills). In case anyone is wondering the distance on Selwyn from Tranquil to Hillside is about 100 meters. It’s a short rest. Uncle Roman was questioning my Monday workout routine – it was 6 miles easy this week. Do I look too rested? He was apparently worn out from Qing some workout where they did “flutters” as if that was actual exercise. Maybe he thought the pax was yelling: “Go faster” but it was something else. At least he knows what hot dogs are made of. Paul Bunyan hats all around. As for me mostly I spend the days leading up to SIB trying to soak up the sun.

What are we doing next week? Timed intervals, more mileage than this week. Every day is winding road.


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