We got a nice little Tuesday planned

9 Metro men (or 9 men of metro) or, screw it, 9 guys that work out in the Charlotte metropolitan region got their Tuesday off to a humid start at Ring Run.

Here’s what happened …

  • Mosey to intersection of Colville and Scotland for COP:  SSH’s x 25, Merkins x 8 (move for car), resume, Merkins x 7, Mountain climbers x 15
  • Sprint to top of hill at intersection of Colville and Biltmore, 15 squats, mosey down; Backwards run to top of hill, 15 squats, mosey down; Sprint to top of hill, 15 squats, mosey down;
  • Lunge walk half way up other hill toward Twiford Place and run to corner of Hempstead and Lockley, partner up
  • Run opposite ways around Hempstead/Lockley/Colville/Cherokee block
    • Round 1 – 10 handslap merkins each time you meet
    • Round 2, 10 handslap merkins, 15 partner leg throws each time you meet
    • Round 2.5, 10 handslap merkins, 15 partner leg throws, 15 partner sit ups (1x)
  • Gather at corner of Colville and Cherokee for Mary IC (LBC’s x 20, Flutter x 20, Dolly x 20, Russian twists x 10)
  • Mosey to corner of Cherokee and Cherokee (only in CLT?) and AYG to the AO, stopping at each cross street and at the end for 5 burpees


Tardy nearly lived up to his name.  The clock struck 5:30 right as his car was arriving.  We had to get going for an on-time start and I had no reservations about Tardy catching up.

At the base of Colville for COP, a car interrupted our merkins and then it looked like about 35 vehicles of some kind (bikes? mopeds? rental scooters?) were approaching out of the dark on Scotland.  Nope, none of the above.  A FiA contingent with an apparent requirement to wear headlamps.  They altered their route and ran by us again at the top of the hill, surely hoping to get a look at Lee’s sleeveless guns or the young college guy, Ramen, home for the summer.

The Hempstead/Lockley/Colville/Cherokee block was a lot longer than I thought it was going to be, even if I mapped it last night.  Or, maybe it seemed longer trying to keep up with the crew.  Everyone got after it on this loop.  Nice work, fellas.

Was hoping for some suicides at Eastover Elementary, but time was running short.  Maybe next time.

That’s it – old school Ring Run according to Rock

No announcements.

Thanks for the opportunity, guys.

Thanks for the take out, Ramen.

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