Midwood and 6@6 preblast

Like the dog that catches the bus, Midwood has achieved the improbable this week – we have identified a week where Dirt Devil, the Man who brought you the infamous Leg Day earlier this year and is notorious for laughing in the face of his peers and doubling down after a particularly hilly 6@6, is actually in town.  Unlike the proverbial bus-catching dog, however, we know exactly what to do with our unexpected good fortune – we are going to put Dirt Devil to work as Q this weekend.


So, come out tomorrow morning to see what strength and knowledge DD has picked up in his cross-country travels and kick your Saturday off on a positive note with a workout with friends, neighbors, new friends, strangers, and everyone in between.  Whether he is Q’ing or participating, Dirt Devil always does it with intensity, so you know tomorrow is going to be a good one.  Maybe this will even convince Blue Jay to double down and stay for the workout this week – to be determined, I don’t want to get ahead of myself.


Workout starts at 7am in the parking lot of Midwood Park.  Or, come early for some serious extra credit and post for the 6@6 (6 miles at 6am) pre-run with Missing De and Mr. Bo.

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