Cavendish Half Pipe

27 Stud dogs made BW the right choice for their beatdown Tuesday and here’s what the rest of you missed.

Combo backwards & forwards run to the front of the church for COP – SSH – 25x, Squats – 20x.

Run down Providence to Cavendish Ct.  Run down Cavendish to the half pipe.  Run 7’s – Run up the hill till the end and start with 6 HR Merkins then run down and up the other hill until the street light and do 1 jump squat, and so forth and so on. Also, for good measure stop each time at the bottom of the hill and do one burpee. A little Mary while we collect the six.

Backwards run up Cavendish to Warrington Rd., then partner wheelbarrow up to Providence Rd.

Cross over Providence down the other side of Cavendish to Fielding Ave.

Run up Fielding to Rutledge stopping at each telephone pole and do escalating diamond merkins x2.  I think it was 8 or 9 total.  Either way it was a Sh**load of diamonds.

Start heading back to Trinity stopping for a little more Mary, the Jailbreak back to COT.



– Tweaked Hammy be damned YHC was ready to roll this am.  About 4 miles covered this am and some smoked PAX.  Almost called 11’s on the Cavendish Half pipe.  7’s was awful enough though. Several Larry Bird’s out there in the gloom.  Boonedoggle has gotten fast lately and was up front all morning.  Groupon was up front as well and BTW thanks for wearing your Augusta 70.3 Ironman shirt which gave YHC bad memories of that race last year.

– Welcome FNG Duffman HC’d by KY.  Said his favorite show was the Simpsons so their you go.  Good work brother.  Join us again even though KY kinda did his own rouge workout with you for half the morning.


– F3 Dads starts tomorrow at Freedom Park through the summer.  Need some Q’s

– Grizzly mentioned he needs some Q’s upcoming for BW.

Thanks for the keys this am Grizzly and look forward to the next one.

Stay Classy BW

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