Double underline 49( casbah)

Him crazy start to this one – hamlet got a little antsy and left 10 seconds before I arrived – my chase was on as I jumped out of the car trying to figure out how I was gonna reign in this group! They were going the wrong way vs my weinke. They headed toward the gate of narnia which the gate actually allowed me to catch up as the tail end of the pax hesitated at the gate.  This group was rocking  with a group of speedsters – sprinkle, tardy, doh, blackjack, LbJ ++. — got all the way to Morocroft before hamlet was convinced to give up the reigns – we did ssh x 20 and merkins x 10 then back to where we came as I was determined to stick with my plan – for my 48 th bday q we went to jimmy Johnson a( car #48) front yard and did a series of different exercises with the 48x count – how was I gonna compete with that? So we focused on getting back on track – back to the start point then over to and down the skulk to  a right turn on sedley to the bottom of pomfret- this is where I had to introduce the rules based exercise concept to this wild bunch – 1 perform 3 different exercises at each designated intersection – merkin/ Lbc/squat. 2 start with 1 and increase by 1 and at each intersection and double when we switch directions mid block ( seems simple) 3 when you are done at each intersection plank it up and wait for the last guy to finish and pay attention for the next instruction. 4 when we return to sedley we will reset the count.

So – I did set myself up for lots of smack talk resistance – after we got to a 13 count I had to call GroupOn by his high school graduate sons name to try to get him in line


we finally made it back to the reset line ( sedley)  but now time was getting thin and lots of reference to the time ( that meant I was kicking their butt) – we went opposite way toward arbor way where the last instruction set was provided  –  start with a 5x count on the same 3 exercises with First left turn – bertania – it was a lot farther than it looked on the map or maybe it was me feeling the difference between cycling shape vs running shape? Maybe the combination of lots of time pressure of the pax vs the me wanting to complete the planned workout? We worked out way back to warburton the back to arbor way – then having to concede the last part of my plan ( thanks hamlet) we do a meet back at the start from about a mile out as I suffered from smoked q disease.

Finally back to the start – a little late but seemed appropriate to me that the workout was 49 min vs the regular 45 min – since it was the actual day of the bday for me?

I knew I was smoked when I forgot to record Mr d as I went around the circle then named our basketball playing ( going by to the Air Force to play b-ball) quickly as mcgavin as I thought it was the name of the guy in Hoosiers when it is the name of a guy from a golf movie of a character named shooter mvgavin after he told me he was a shooter – oops but still good.

I took us out as I was excited to be thankful of this day – 49 years today ( check the pattern of the Strava map)


thank you for the Opprotunity to lead this group- peace,









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