Who’s next meets Mike Tyson

Been a while since I Q’d so jumped in at my favorite AO.  Tried to keep the instructions short and to the point because we all know how short the PAX attention span is, don’t we Sump?

NM  Start off with plank to wait for any late arrivals.  Surprisingly, there were none.  Even Kief was on time.  Mosey to the parking deck on Baxter.  Circle up for the usual then over to the wall.  OYO 10 Mike Tysons, 10 Donkey Kicks, 10 Mike Tysons, 10 Donkey Kicks, 15 Mike Tysons, 15 Donkey Kicks.  That got everyone’s attention.  15 Derkins then mosey to the park.

Line up on the side of the grass for Maktar then elbow crawl across grass.  (sounded good driving to workout)  A set of elevens with Merkins on both sides.  Then Diamonds, wide arms and stagger Merkins.  Line up on wall for more Mike Tysons.  Mosey south on Greenway to ticket booth.  Step ups and derkins.  Run to fountain and back.  Run to fountain and down ramp and up stairs and back to ticket booth.  back to grass for SSH then back to parking lot.

Emimen and Motley, thanks for the keys.



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