If you only read one BB, read this one

If you missed Revolution this morning, you missed a lot and I’m not talking about the beatdown that occurred at the nicest AO in F3 nation.


Midfield for SSH, IW, Sharon Tower, and Merkins.  Didn’t take long to get warmed up in this humidity, PAX was ready to go so we headed to the endzone under the goalpost.  Cleveland beatdown commenced.

First, Burpee Mile – 4 laps around the field with burpees x5 each time you pass a goalpost

Next, Bearway to Heaven – from the goal line, bear crawl the length of the field alternating merkins and lbcs every 10 yards.

Then, The Redman – 100 yard sprint with up/downs every 5 yards

Keeping it close to home today but still trying to put down some moderate miles, we left the turf for a circuit: 25 minutes, at your own pace, as many laps as you can do, with 4 exercise stations:

Bridge – grab a coupon for curls

Playground – dips

Front office – supine pull ups on the railing

Trail behind the baseball fields – squats

Few guys got 5 laps in the time.  Everyone met at midfield sweating bullets.

One more exercise YHC brought back from Cleveland: Kramer shuffle – PAX shuffles around the circle at midfield in one direction, on Qs call, PAX hits the ground for a merkin, returns to shuffle going in opposite direction.  Continue until Q calls time.

Mary until time.


Here’s what you missed.  We had 3 (maybe 4) site FNGs (Kryptonite, Sump, Adrian…Jedi?).  Speaking of Adrian, heard he is posting again after a 5 year hiatus.  Welcome back to the nation.  Not only was this Kryptonite’s first trip to Revolution, it was his first post anywhere other than Fortitude.  We had PAX pulling into the parking lot on two wheels to make it on time. We had shoes coordinated with the turf paint.  We have M’s at home with broken legs.  Curly was out front all day (no shock), even added pull-ups at the playground to the circuit for a little extra credit.  Inspiration for much of today’s beatdown goes to F3 Cleveland – YHC has had the privilege to post with these guys on my visits to the motherland, they find incredibly creative ways to incorporate major suck into a workout.  YHC thought F3 Metro would appreciate.

COT – take note, much was discussed

  • Strides for Shelter: Sign-up to run 5K with Team Fortitude Sat. June 23rd, 8:30 a.m. at McAlpine Park.     https://stridesforshelter.racesonline.com/registration/2018/participatnts/question/58307/option/213474
  • YMCA’s Level Up Program for teens. https://www.ymcacharlotte.org/community/summer-of-opportunity/program-overview.aspx   YMCA is seeking groups to come in during evening session and serve as positive role models.  Program runs every Friday & Saturday | June 22 – August 4 | 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM.  As part of our West Charlotte outreach, we’re putting together a group of F3 Pax to serve as volunteers, one of the evenings at the Stratford-Richardson Y.  Email Pipeline for details jordanabshire1@gmail.com.
  • Monday Night PUB Runs in partnership with Black Men Run.  Just like F3, they leave at 6:30p.m. on the dot. https://historicsouthend.com/calendar/south-end-pub-run-2018-06-18/
  • July 4 convergence and Patriot run.  1 year anniversary of Speed for Need.  Link circulating on twitter, not hard to find.
  • F3 Dads summer series @ Freedom Park – Saturdays @ 900a in the train lot, Dads and 2.0s.
  • Congrats to Slaughter and Deertick for stepping into new roles to continue the great work of the nation
  • Coffeeteria @ Einstein’s on South Blvd
  • Thanks to Pipeline, Rope A Dope and GAAP for entrusting YHC with the keys to the FINEST AO in F3 nation


If you missed this workout or don’t read this BB, you missed a lot.  Things are happening at Revolution.

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