It Was In The Cards

Lesson number one: If you are going to Q let someone know, specifically the Site Q. And hit the Signup Genius.

YHC and Van Winkle grabbed the reins for Core or least they did in their own minds, on Tuesday at ALS. Meatball was not part of the mind meld and spent late hours on Friday planning a beatdown for the Core pax, as any good Site Q will do when left to his own devices. So with a choice of Qing or letting the two slackards take it, Meatball graciously bowed out. And so we began.

Van Winkle moseyed us down to the entrance off Radcliffe for some SSH, then to picnic tables for Step Ups and Spiderman Derkins. Up Radcliffe with a stop under a large oak for a few things YHC can’t remember and really did not like that much. Off again to the steps in the courtyard for Bear Crawl up the ramp, maybe a few burpees, and then back to the big playground. DRM took over with a pack of playing cards and a list of 52 exercises. Draw a card and do the number of reps  equal to the number on the card, going down the list starting at 1 and ending at 52. Face cards are 10, aces are 1 and jokers are 10 burpees. This was a cluster for about the first 15 cards and then this intelligent group of Metros finest figured it out and things started running smoothly. Great pride was taken in that we hit the 52nd exercise at the same time we ran out of cards. Simple plan, duh!!

With about 10 minutes remaining VW took charge and we headed to the rails for a downward ladder of inboard/outboard pullups and ab stuff starting 15.

Back to circle for COT after 5 burpees.

Takeout by Hoedown with reminder to cherish, love and respect our significant others.


Meatball has a Q in his back pocket just waiting to be unleashed, so beware.

Buzzcock, a Cherokee transplant and welcome addition to Core where we really aren’t that picky is a funny dude. Ask him about his MRI!

Skoal Bandit was AWOL this am and the “story” was that he had to take his daughter to get her drivers license. Yeah, that’s right!

Thanks for the opportunity Meatball. It was hot, sticky and fun.

C you real soon, Y because we love you.




Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap   AC/DC

Sweet Emotion      Aerosmith

Rock & Roll Band    Boston

Hot Blooded    Foreigner

I Drink Alone     George Thorogood and The Destroyers

All Right Now   Free

Any Way You Want It   Journey

Carry On Wayward Son   Kansas

That Smell   Lynyrd Skynyrd

Dreams I’ll Never See    Molly Hatchett

Green Grass and High Times   The Outlaws

The Boys Are Back In Town   Tin Lizzy

Waitin For The  Bus    ZZ Top

We’re An American Band    Grand Funk Railroad


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