Shaking off the Rust – Almost lost the FNG!!

Sunny (and humid) morning for a fine workout with 5 other PAX. My first Q in about 6 months so had to shake off the rust. Participated in the 6@6 beforehand – somehow found the energy to Q afterwards!

25 SSH
25 Merkens
25 IWs
10 Low Slow Squats

Mosey over to basketball court –partner up
Partner A does lunges across the length of the court + 5 burpees + 15 merkens while partner B runs a lap around the length of the park. Do this 3 times per partner.
Indian Run over to corner of Belvedere & Chatham – turn left on Chatham. Stop at middle of street. Partner up again. Partner A runs up street one direction, Partner B the other. Do BLIMPS 5-10-15-10-10-5. After each “letter”, meet back at middle of street and do 10 slap hands pushups
Mosey back over to the parking lot & wrap up

Good to see an FNG show up to the workout (kudos to Pipeline for the recruitment!). However we almost lost him! As we were moseying out of the park after the 1st portion of the workout, we noticed we were down 1 PAX. Turns out FNG had to grab his keys (or tried to escape the workout, we’ll never know 🙂 and didn’t know where we went. I proceeded back into the park and thankfully was able to grab him.

Appreciate the compliment on the Q Sparky! Looking forward to seeing you at other Midwood workouts.

Somehow pulled off the double down this weekend, but not without a completely drenched shirt! Kudos to Missing De for a nice 6@6 route – I thank you for avoiding the Mothership!

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