Incomplete Greenway Won’t Stop Us


Despite the Briar Creek Greenway still not being complete (after what, 8 months?), 6 Copperheads hopped on the greenway for a shortcut to Meadowbrook.  Here’s what we did:

Run around the AO parking lot, circle up



Copperhead SquatsX20

OYO on the new yet incomplete greenway to the Meadowbrook intersection

Partner 1 run up to the next intersection do 5 Mercans

Partner 2 do 10 Squats and 15 Mercans


Partner 1 run up to the next intersection and do 10 Squats

Partner 2 do 21 MonkeyHumpers and 20 SSH


Fellowship pace back to the bridge


Right oblique crunchX10

Left oblique crunchX10

OYO back to the parking lot, circle up for COT


Uhh, I don’t remember any?


Everyone was haulin’ a*s today and that hill is awful.  If Meadowbrook doesn’t have an F3 name, it needs one.  As does the almost finished greenway.  According to Level 10, our AO overlaps with Atlas.  That’s a far piece for Atlas to come just to run up and down a hill, kudos.  Anyone see how fast DryRub and Stat finished their opening mile? According to my watch, they started on a 6m/m pace.  There was no keeping up.  Raider and Sparty brought up the 6 and seemed to have a lot left after running the hill twice, hmm.  Thanks to Stat for the take out.



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