Muggy Burpees

Woke up feeling crappy (thanks to my toddler sharing the sickness) but knew i had the Q.  Figured a good sweat may help out.

Was glad to see a smaller crew today because i know i didn’t have my best stuff today.  Let’s just get this over with….


Warm up mile around the park, 10 burpees at every street.

Over to the playground, 5 rounds of 10x pull ups, 20x dips, and 40x LBC’s

Some sprints around the school island

Back to the start of the park loop for some MARY to kill a few minutes in prep for the final slog home.

Burpee mile around the park….BAM.  We all survived.



Felt like a swampy Florida morning out there today.   The crew performed all exercises except Skyline…he just DGAF.    Gentle Ben was like the little engine that could on the final burpee mile.   Ran his pace and knocked out all 10 at every stop (you vs. you)…unlike the middle group who just did what they wanted….then the lead group (Paula / Screech) crushed the run and the burpees.   150 burpees and 3 miles today.  #Quota

I wasn’t creative, nor energetic today but hope everyone got their monies worth with this simple beatdown.  I’ll be better next time.

Pate with the take out.  Enjoy the week.


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  • June 18, 2018 at 10:20 am

    Am I the only one that always reads Pâté’s name wrong on first pass without the accents?

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