It’s Hot

Yep. Today was really HOT. Nothing we could have done short of playing in a sprinkler was going to change that. So we sweated. FryDaddy complained because he wanted to hurry up and start. I had 5:29. He must have had 5:31. So we started before Keifer got there.







Heels to Heaven (because everyone knows Blue Devils don’t go to heaven)


“Up/Down, Up/Down. Can we do some running?” says Nibbler


Squats (copperhead variety)

Something else on the ground, I forget what, maybe Freddy Mercury


And then, the highlight of the day: 5 minutes of Burpees


Followed by a 10 count and we headed for the Dumpster area behind Selwyn for:

People’s chair/air press

Donkey Kicks OYO

Balls to the wall/Hips Slaps

People’s Chair

Donkey Kicks

Balls to the wall/Toe Taps


To the Field for

11s with Pull-ups and Prisoner Getups


Partner up for Merkin ladder to 6. We only went that far because I try to make sure we can do the exercises right. Going to 10 means everyone cheats a lot.


Line up in the center of the field and Lunge walk to the track


Back to the edge of the parking lot and Bear Crawl out half way and Crab walk back to the edge


To the starting place, grab a pole and do the Paper Doll


Finished up with 5 minutes of Mary and a few merkins and mountain climbers thrown in.




Thursday night, the Holdouts (Keifer and Foo’s band) is playing at the Music Yard. At 5:45 opening for a Mississippi Blues man Jarekus Singleton at Southbound AKA the Music yard. (My home state is famous for good music!) See link below:


Convergence: July 4, somewhere near Indy, at 6:30 start with a 4-mile run afterwards but you have to sign up.


The Charge at PDS is alive and well. Wednesday at 5:30. Check it out!


I had the honors with the take-out


Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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