Sometimes things escalate and noone is really sure how it happened.  You know, kinda like what’s happened with 1 year old birthday parties.  Why the heck does a 1 year old need a birthday party?  THE KID WILL NEVER REMEMBER THE PARTY!  I am certain that past generations celebrated a first birthday by teaching the little tyke to milk the family cow.  Congrats kid, you can get your own milk from now on.  Happy Birthday.  1 year old birthday parties now include outsourced services like catering, bartending service, bounce house delivery….shoot, Birthday Party Event Planner is probably a boutique job that could rake in $300-$400k annually in Myers Park.  And let’s be honest about what these parties are – these are excuses to have your friends over and day drink.  Which is really the only time to see your friends once you have a 1 year old because you’re not staying up past 900p.  This is basically what’s happened at WIB.  Somehow it escalated from teaching Johnny how to milk the cow to a craft beer kegger at 1100a on a Saturday…..and noone knows how or is willing to stop it.


Here’s what we did

Set out with dual goals, 3 full laps and 5+ miles total.  Think everyone completed at least 2+ full laps and 4+ miles.  Yeoman effort from Jeeves, Doobie, Boone, CT and Teaser Pony.  Tight group looked like they hung pretty close all morning.  This could be BS though because I’m pretty sure the humidity was causing hallucinations.  Leaders clocked in at almost 5.5 miles this morning and got 3 full rounds of the exercise but took the shortcut home through the park after the last set of pull-ups to hit the parking lot on time.  Curly was out front all morning setting the pace and finally dropped YHC on our 3rd trip up the Lurker.  #YoungGun Part-time also got 3 trips up the Lurker and #TeamRifty LBJ was pushing us the whole way.  Daphne returned from vacation where he was on a chianti and cavatelli and gelato bender – time to shed those vacation lbs and get back to fighting weight.  Heartbreaker may or may not have been creepily driving his truck up and down Cumberland with no lights on.

It was brutal this morning in the heat, mean hills on both ends of the route, the exercises only gassed us more, no time for breaks, but 12 of F3 nation’s finest got stronger together this morning.  CT, thanks for the keys to WIB, happy to drive anytime you need it.

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  • June 20, 2018 at 10:16 am

    Steroid. That was a smokefest. Essentially no breaks at all. The combination of the 10 burpees at the beginning and 2 sets of 10 pull ups during one full lap was horribly good (Sucky!!) Can’t help but get stronger pushing through that slog. Fish, were these the type of surprise parties with the naked lady jumping out of the cake?

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