Johnny Marzetti

As a student in the Norwalk Public School system, I was often treated ( by treated I mean poisoned) by a dish (by dish I mean slop) prepared by the cafeteria ladies called ” Johnny Marzetti.”  It was basically everything left over in the kitchen, mixed together with  pasta sauce ( it qualified for pasta sauce because it was red) and poured over noodles.  We can come back to the racial stereotype of calling it ‘ Johnny Marzetti” some other time.  For now, just understand that when you have a bunch of stuff and mix it together, you get Johnny Marzetti.   And that’s what I had today– a couple of different workout scraps, all thrown together to make  one casserole for everybody.

By casserole, I mean stuff that only the hungriest will eat because there are no other options.

By the way, if Slaughter tells you Johnny Marzetti is his cousin, and that he was a pitch for the Pittsburgh Pirates, he’s lying. He can’t help himself.

We did the standard COP, because that’s why they call them standards.  From the Latin “Standus” which means to be still and constant.

Then we moseyed to the picnic tables for a set of 11’s with Bulgarian split squats and copperhead squats, all in cadence.

Then we moseyed to the basketball court for partner work.  100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 dying cockroach.  partner turns to the top of the hill and back till you have done the total between the 2 of you for each exercise.

Mosey to the railings for 2 rounds of London bridge– hold plank on the railings while everybody bear crawls under.  Did not finish last round as YHC  suffered from an episode of Shoulderis Smokitis.

Mosey to pull up bars for 3 rounds of partner work.  pullups while your partner runs to the baseball backstop and does 10 Tiajuana Dreamers.   3 rounds, then mosey back for a little Mary.


NMM: Welcome   FNG Linda Tripp ( intern for Country, came to this after Lewinsky was shot down by YHC. I hate being the grown up), Spicey ( also an intern for Country, an offshoot of the white house staff), Fuji( intern at the Gallillee center for refugees) , and C4 ( Irish name, plus he is in the National Guard. Came to this after YHC shot down Pipe Bomb and Car Bomb. Again, I hate being the grown up).

No guests today from the shelter. Might be like this till we get back to the one site at the shelter.

During Ball of Man, I shared a quote from one of my daily devotionals that rang true for me after I caught myself being envious of Hurler’s inboard grip on pull ups– ” Envy is a hostile form of self pity”.  Funny how do you don’t always understand wisdom till you see it played on in daily life.




Thanks for being there today.  I will Q again on 7/3.  We will have fireworks– I am making them myself.


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