Long 45 minutes

Six gathered today for a Piggy beatdown. We started off with the patent pending Merkin Up-Down warmup.



Dragon Merkins


Diamond Merkins


Stagger arm merkins


Stagger arm merkins flapjack


Regular merkins


Next, to the wall for:

People’s chair-Air press

Donkey kicks (for the record as Nibbler noticed a repeat from yesterday, we changed Donkey Kicks to 16 instead of 15)

Balls to the Wall Hip slaps

People’s chair-Lalannes

Donkey kicks (revert to form and do 15

Balls to the Wall Toe taps


Then, to the end of the stadium for partner’s Jacob’s Chair:

Partner 1 to the top of the stadium and 1 Burpee while Partner 2 does an ab exercise. Except I announced merkins instead of Burpees and realized the error about half way through.


Next, to the football field for:

Run to the other goal line and return with a backwards run. At the 25, 50, 25 and other goal line:

10 Box Cutters

10 Russian Twists

10 Knee-ups


Next, to the wall for Mike Tyson in cadence. I could only make it to 8.

Then, 5 Burpees OYO


To the driveway, face down on the traffic bump and AYG to the gate on the count of 3.


That left about 5 minutes of Mary.


Per Nibbler, it was LONG 45 minutes. I accept no responsibility. Blame it on the heat.


Back-up provided water again. I’m glad he comes to this workout!



HDHH, likely at Providence Road Sundries

The Map afterwards at Bruegger’s Bagels in Cotwold: Topic today is ‘Does God Care Who Wins’. Discussion lead by the author of the book, Bob Schindler.



Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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