Peaks & Volleys

As YHC awoke at 4:45 this morning I still wasn’t sure of whether I would lead the fine men of Governator to Pellyn Woods or stay closer to home base. YHC knew he wanted to get some work in on arguably the most neglected muscle in F3; the biceps. Enter the now seemingly permanent rock pile at Carmel Park (nice addition to the AO, Aqua) but carrying rocks that far just seemed plain silly and I didn’t see how we’d have time to use them on the way back to the AO. As such YHC decided to pay homage to my 2008 Town & Country Chrysler Minivan I owned when we lived near the Motor City and utilize the road by the same name. Elevation change was not sacrificed.

Following a brief conversation with Titan and fellow Upstate New Yorker Aquafresh on the virtues of the Dinosaur BBQ and how it gets shady AF later in the evening and Cannoli inquiring which direction we were headed to plan his exit for an early flight (which he seemed to question the existence of) we launched into the muggy gloom.

Mosey down Carmel Rd to T&C Rd stopping at the intersection of T&C and LaGorce for COP.
SSH x 20
IW x 15
Peter Parker X 10
Parker Peter X 8 with a quick scatter to avoid a South Charlottean heading to the office early like he was in the Batmobile. All 14 accounted for and we pressed on deeper into the gloom.

Stop at the corner T&C and Valencia Terrace. Partner up for 7s.
Partner A heads down toward the dead end of T&C and does squats at the base of the hill.
Partner B heads down toward Grenada on T&C and does knee ups.
Keep alternating 6/1, 5/2, 4/3,3/4, YHC has to find a better way of explaining that as it seems often to result in confusion.
Each time partners meet at the summit do 5 partner leg throws each.
As we got into it and the sweat started pouring YHC realized that this was going take too long putting rock pile use in jeopardy. Audibled out about 5/7ths of the way in. Pax seemed to be ok with that decision.

LBC x 20
Oblique crunch L/R x 15
Rosalita x 10 all IC

Mosey to Grenada and T&C.
Backwards run up T&C [insert audible groan here] to the site our chance meeting with Jimmy Johnson wannabe.
MC x 10

Mosey back to Carmel Rd Park to the rock pile.
[Exit stage left Cannoli, leaving YHC partnerless]

Each pair grabs a rock and heads over to the Tennis courts. Several concerns by Mecklenburg County taxpayers that we be careful and not scuff nor crack the courts with the rocks. Point taken.

Partner A does Curls x 10, Shoulder press x 10, Squats x 10 AMRAP
Partner B runs suicides stopping at the first court service line, doubles boundary, second court service line and second court doubles boundary with increasing burpees; 1,2,3,4 at each stop.

Repeato only change burpees for 2,4,6,8 jumping lunges for the running partner.

Head back and return your rock to the pile. Just enough time for an AYG across the parking lot so YHC could get his phone for COT.


YHC first post in 10 days after being DR in Kiawah last week for the family. Ran about 4 days down there but the combination of the at/below sea level elevation and Sad Clown status really makes you miss the gloom and certainly isn’t the same level of intensity. YHC knew the first one back was going to hurt and was right.

Not sure what the hurry was at 5:34 this morning for our aggressive neighborhood commuter but hope he/she got where they needed to be. Which segues nicely to Cannoli. YHC never ceases to be amazed at how quickly Cannoli can go from gloom to business class. Especially today since YHC had the rare business-related travel trip following this post. I have to think there has to be some combination of premium parking, TSA pre-check and liberal morning hygiene that affords a 45-minute turn and burn. #Maestro

Several Pax were impressed with YHC proper identification of the lines on the Tennis court and I think we did a good job of etiquette, short of wearing the Wimbledon all whites. #ImLookingAtYouFilm.

Usual Larry Birds were out front. They get their name in the paper enough so YHC will leave it at that. It was hot, it was humid it was summer in Charlotte. Glad to have Sloppy at the G-spot. He texted YHC and ColdCuts last night to inquire on the location of the AO. At first YHC thought he fartsacked on us after a seemingly digital HC. However, after dodging the open wheel Indy Car at COP it must have been God’s Providence that the first person YHC saw was a man of the cloth. Love Boat back in the gloom after an extended absence after serving as Mr. Mom to his kids while nursing his M back from an orthopedic injury was another welcome site. He’ll be a Casbah on Friday.


American 4 Miler on July 4th – plus convergence on website and Sump’s twitter feed.

Aqua with the reminder to continue EH’ing in these summer months.

Hamlet asked us to remember a friend of the family who’s kids were injured on a school trip.

ColdCuts with the excellent take out.

Always an honor and privilege to lead.


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  • June 22, 2018 at 6:55 am

    Nice work…work trip 101… if you are still sweating after the shower life hack….blow dry your skin on the cold setting, stops the pig sweat immediately. Next Valet park up top at the terminal and suck up the 35$ fee ( just saved 20$ from F3 instead of the gym). TSA pre-check D terminal is the fastest lane. American Airlines cloud for two boiled eggs to get through the hunger pains. Bloody Mary mix no vodka in first class.

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