When in Metro – Go To Black Widow

As a Charlotte Native, YHC remembers when people used to travel from far and wide to come here and see all things NASCAR.  Evidently, nowadays, visitors travelling to Charlotte come to post at Black Widow. Today, two Pax came from distant lands to experience a Black Widow beatdown.

The Thang

Providence Prep parking lot
COP #1: Merkins/ Knee-ups/ Mountain Climbers

St. Gabes parking lot
COP #2: SSH/ Copperhead Squats©/ Flutter

Running of St. Gabes
Partner up: P1 runs steps/ P2 runs up the road
Meet at top for 10 Partner Merkin Hand Slaps
P1 down road/ P2 down steps
Meet at bottom for 10 Partner Sit-ups
Rinse and repeat with Partners switching routes

Rails in front of Leroy Fox parking lot
10 Dips/ 10 Top Rail Derkins

Sharon Office Park parking lot
True 7’s
Start w/ 0 & 7 reps of 2 different exercises (instead of 1 & 6)
Run around the back 2 buildings: Merkins/ Squats

319 Sharon Amity parking lot
Run from bottom of parking lot to the office building
Plank Jacks @ top & LBC’s @ bottom
5 Rounds: Start with 10 reps each, reduce by 2 each round

Piedmont Plastic Surgery parking lot
Find your partner
P1 runs length of parking lot
P2 does exercises
Flap Jack
2 rounds: HR Merkins/ Jump Squats

Circle up in parking lot
Mary: LBC/ Rosalita/ Dolly

½ mile fast mosey to the Trinity Pres parking lot


F3 Dads kicks off the summer workout schedule on Saturday.  Meet 9AM @ the Freedom Park train lot.  2.0’s of all ages are welcome! http://f3metro.com/2018/06/12/f3-dads-summer-workouts/

Double-down on July 4th.  Convergence at 6:30 AM followed by American 4 Miler to celebrate SPEED FOR NEED’s 1-year anniversary! http://f3metro.com/2018/05/30/pre-blast-speed-for-need-american-4-miler-7-4-2018/

Prayer request for the PDS students and chaperones in bus accident in Argentina

Always great to have out-of-town Pax join us for their DRP and today we had two visiting beasts: Cowbell from Columbia & Captain Obvious from Memphis.  Both represented their home region with strong work.

Toga was out in front from the start.  Nothing new but still impressive to watch.  Not sure if Hamlet is back to where he was prior to his back problems but he’s looking pretty damn close.  Hamlet was on Toga’s heels all morning.

Don’t think Sparty was happy that we went over by a couple of minutes.  Have no doubt the trains run on time in Italy but this is Black Widow.

New Grizzly teased there would be a big announcement next week at BW.  My guess?  Grizzly is going to pave the parking lot on his own.  Or maybe Boba Fett will come out of retirement…

Thanks Grizz and Big Worm for allowing me to Q.  Hope everyone had fun on the parking lot tour.  You know what they say: “Come to Metro for Black Widow, stay for the parking lots.”



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