8@8 Preblast: 1 route, 2 greenways

Do you like running on greenways? If so, this might be the route for you. No six mile option. You’ll need the full eight to make it great.


Your route:

  • Out of the lot, head toward the Sweet 6 AO, up Providence Rd
  • Left on Wendover
  • Left on Sedgewood Circle
  • (Take your second) right to stay on Sedgewood Circle (which will go in a large circle.
  • Sharp right, down Meadowbrook Rd., and past the giant chair
  • Left onto the new section of the greenway (note: you might have to duck under the gate as it’s usually closed)
  • Stay on the greenway until you get to the end (Mint Museum parking lot) and jump onto Randolph Rd. toward uptown
  • Take it all the way until it hits the other greenway (right at Kings/Captain Jack statue)
  • Left onto the greenway … stay on the greenway until you get to Freedom Park/East Blvd.
  • Head up Sherwood Ave
  • Left on Queens back to the lot.

I’m feeling better, so I might actually be there to help direct you, if you are interested in running slow.


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