Buncha Cover Girls

For every valley in life, there is a mountain.  Not sure what you should do with that but here we go

The Thang:

Mosey out of the ‘hood to right on Park Rd.  Right on Barcan Rd for COP: SSHx15, IWx15, birdfeeders x15.  Disclaimer!  Watch nice lady water her flowers.  If it were a dude, that early riser wouldve gotten EH’ed.

Mosey on- back out to right on Park to right on Creekbed Rd.  Who knew Creekbed would have hills?  Split up in threes for leg grinder.  One pax runner, one at bottom of hill squats, one at top of hill lunges.  Rinse repeat ad nauseum.  Mosey back out to Park to right on Park to left on Surry Ridge.

Jackpot!  Surry Ridge was so steep there may be a breeze atop.  Alas, after first trip up and left on Walthall Rd, there was only more humidity and despair.  Split threesomes into pairs for merkin fun.  One side 10x CarolinaDryDocks, other side 10x WideArms, meet in middle for dumbocrats x10 (flipflop top/bottom, descending each visit).  ~3 rotations before mosey to bottom of Surry Ridge.

Mosey to Tattersall Rd. for meeting with Chuck.  Chuck Woollery’s (2 burpees at every other driveway on right) down Tattersall to dead end.  Indian Run- left on Lilly Mill, right on Ramblewood, left on Red Barn.  Stop at Goneaway for Makhtar Ndiayes x 16, Chuck Norris merkins x 15.

AYG down Goneaway to Huntingtowne Farms.  Mosey/walk to AO.  Fin.

Naked Man Moleskin:

YHC volunteered to Q last week and fibbed on pre-blast that the beatdown would be easy with cool weather.  Do not fib with this crew.  YHC got turned into an easy breezy CoverGirl on the interwebs and the pax paid for it this morning.  The hills on Creekbed and Surry Ridge were just a cherry on top.  Surry Ridge was a keeper.  We can still discover the top of that road instead of hanging a left mid-hill… Meru was a game partner on our trek.  We were forced into extra credit as 2 men did the work of 3 pax on the Creekbed circuit…  Great to see some Rock Thrill flava from RiverRat.  YHC will run back the home n home in July.  Contact YHC if interested in a Baxter post #rockTheHill #fortTheMill… good to see Funny pushing the busted wing.  Hopefully the midsection holds up… GOP could hardly get out of his chair at postgame Mug’s #missionAccomplished… great takeout by Tebow… Sloppy and Gravedancer also kicked some @ss today.  Covered everyone.

Thanks for opportunity to lead.  I’m DR for a few weeks, stuck in colder weather.  Eat it.

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