The great Hava-Cava-Poo scam

22 showed at Bastion this morning. I know the names of some of them, but a human error destroyed the part of the recording I made on the phone in which pax actually said those names. The good news is that I got some good audio of me lumbering back from the workout, the coffee brewing, and various other sniff and snorts I made as I wandered around the kitchen. The recording went on for 80 minutes, so I suspect there are some fascinating sounds from my commute and probably my shower. All deleted.

Unbeknownst to Newport, at least until/if he reads this backblast, he was used as unwitting bait in a trap I had set. There is this owl that has been active on my street lately. My plan was to run Newport and his unruly hair around the owl’s lair to see if we could flush him out. Owls love to eat squirrel’s and Newport’s morning hair sometimes looks like 3 or 4 squirrels mating, which is what owls refer to as an all you can eat buffet. About this owl. It is a Barred Owl (I looked it up) and it has been ambushing prey in the yard across the street recently. I caught it in the yard one day and we stared at each other for a while. When I say stared, I mean he actually locked eyes with me. For a long time. With a look that told me that he knows things. Things…… Anyway, my trap did not work. No owl this morning. He probably already knew I was going to try this someday.




Coach and Hollins ran around at a leisurely pace. I saw them as I left my house. I even yelled at them, but I was drowned out by the sound of their shoes shuffling along the sidewalk. They were also holding hands.


Gather the 22 for COP

5 burpees oyo, MCs x 20, LBCs x 20, 5 burpees oyo, Squats X 15, SSH x 20

The SSHs last in the COP signaled to the pax that this was going to be an “edgy” workout with many surprises. I then proceeded to prove them wrong

Run to bottom of Ferncliff and Audubon and partner up. P1/P2 choose a street to run up and do called exercises when they meet on Woodlark. Round 1 – partner derkins x 20 each. Round 2 – 7 burpee jump overs each. Mary at the end of each round.

Run back to St Gabes track. Hollins has the code on his phone. He can tell you within an inch where his phone is in his kitchen, but he cannot tell you the code that is on it. Chowda knows the code. It is in his head.

Line up on the field. P1 sprints the field backwards, then forwards while P2 does called exercises. Flapjack. Rounds 1 & 2 – burpees/jump squats

Hot lap around the track. Line up at midfield and bearcrawl to the goal line. Rounds 3 & 4 – widearms/Russian twists.

Hot lap and 10 pullups on the jungle gym.

Head back to COT

Looking over that, it doesn’t seem like 45 minutes of suck. But it was.



  • Big Worm, with the sleeveless shirt, leading the gun show
  • Hot Lips wore a head band. Pitino probably did, but I don’t notice them on him anymore
  • So, my friend at work mentioned that he recently got a Hava-Cava-Poo for his girls. I have never heard of such a dog, so I told him that I think he got suckered into buying a $3500 possum with its tail removed. He admitted that it does actually look like a possum. But his primary description of the dog was that it was hypo-allergenic, which is also how pillows are marketed. And latex-free gloves. Know what else is hypo-allergenic? Not buying a $3500 possum. (Disclosure: YHC owns two mini Goldendoodles. The way you know this is a real dog is the lack of hyphens)
  • Toga was asking me about my recovery and how it is going. He also revealed his belief that my ailment was gout. WTF?
  • Wahoo was giving EZ shit about his lack of backward speed. EZ laughed a little bit, but ultimately this backfired on Wahoo, who was trounced once EZ found his purpose for today’s workout
  • Coach never found his purpose, but did seem to do more than his average of 43% of the exercises
  • Boba Fett texted his apology for missing Bastion after his HC yesterday. He also begged for some credit due to yard work he did yesterday. Yep, he did that.



  • Erased from my phone and my memory

One thought on “The great Hava-Cava-Poo scam

  • June 28, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    I read this backblast. My hair thanks you for intimidating the owl. The owl however has come after me and family members in winter when our hats have been mistaken as thicker squirrels.

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