Who needs a megabell ?

You don’t always need a mega kettlebell to get a good workout.  A couple of light pavers can do the trick too.  Today’s semi-annual Attila bricktomania went down as follows.

As the pax assembles pre-workout each grabs two pavers.

Circle up for warmorama: the usual – SSH, IW and MC.

Mosey to the best grass in F3 land.  Circle up.  Jack Webb to 10.

Quick mosey to the park sideline for round 1: Burpee jack with press x 5, 3-way plank flys, lunge twist – 10 each leg, 10 sit ups – touch toes with bricks.  Backward run across field.

Round 2:  10 jump squats with press, 10 superman merkins, tricep press in deep squat x 20, boat SSH x 15, AYG back to other side.

Round 3: Burpee jacks with press x 5, side lunge touch brick to toes x 10 each leg, crab press x 10 each arm, 10 pike ups, backward run across.

Round 4: 10 squat jump press, 10 stagger shuffle merkins, 10 deep squats with R/L punches, dieing cockroach x 15, AYG across.

Round 5: 5 burpee jack presses, plank with brick-to-opposite-toe x 10 each arm, 10 squat twists, Russian twist x 20, backward run across.

Round 6:  10 squat jump presses, round of Travolta R/L, 10 squat presses, round of double protractor.

Mosey Down Greenway to Dressler walls.  Drop bricks for round of SSH x 20.  Grab bricks for round of plankorama, 10 step ups each leg, 10 renegade row derkins, concentration LBC’s (bricks between knees) x 20, final round of step ups 10 each leg.

Take it back home.


The above mentioned reps for each exercise done in cadence is approximate.  Only person YHC could hear counting above all the mumblechatter was Pigskin, and he never counts in English.

Didn’t even get my usual D+ grade for the workout from Nibs today.  Might mean I’ll be getting a suspension notice in the mail sometime this week.

Speaking of Nibs… Bandit announces that Nibbler has the Q at Diamondhead on Monday.  Advertisement/enticement or warning?  Both maybe.

American 4-miler coming up July 4th.  Convergence beforehand at 6:30 – location TBD.

Tesla with the always excellent Tesla takeout.

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