Changing of the Guard: Metro’s Outreach Q

The dominos have fallen.

First, two weeks ago, OBT made the announcement he is stepping down from his role as the Nation’s Weasel Shaker.  His contributions and impact to F3 are immense.  We in Metro are especially fortunate to claim OBT and his sturdy undercarriage as our one of our own.  Thank you OBT for all you have done – we are all better men for your efforts.

With OBT’s ride into the sunset, Metro’s own Slaughter ascended to the role of Weasel Shaker for all of F3 Nation.  Filling the shoes of OBT is no easy task, but there is no better choice than Slaughter. He has been an outstanding representative for Metro in the community and no doubt will do the same in his new role.

Slaughter is one of Metro’s strongest HIM’s.  He has worn many hats in Metro so Pax may not realize his official title was Outreach Q.  In this capacity, Slaughter most notably worked with the Charlotte Rescue Mission and the Mission I’m Possible workout as well as the Men’s Shelter’s Fortitude program among other projects in the community.  His transition to the F3 Nation Board leaves a significant void in Metro’s community outreach program.

Fortunately for us, we have an incredible HIM ready to step up and take on the responsibilities of the Outreach Q:  Deertick!

Deertick shares a similar passion for helping others as Slaughter.  Deertick has served as on of MIP’s Site-Q’s for a couple of years.  He is one of the Pax you can depend on to help out with no questions asked.  There is no doubt Deertick will continue the success of Metro’s Outreach program.

Please join me in welcoming Deertick to the role of Outreach Q!





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