F3 Metro July 4th Convergence

The F3 Metro July 4th Convergence is set!

Elizabeth Traditional Elementary School (Ranger/ Indy AO)
6:30 AM 
Wednesday, July 4th 

Workout will run about 45 minutes to allow Pax running in the American 4 Miler to get where they need to be for its 7:30 AM start time.

Mr. Bojangles and Slaughter are lined up to Q the bootcamp while Robin Hood and Rope-A-Dope will lead the Core workout.  Something for everyone!

After the Convergence, make plans to be a part of the American 4 Miler!  Whether you are running in it or just cheering the runners, we need your support!

The race marks the 1-year anniversary for SPEED FOR NEED!  Last year, SFN had one chariot – this year there are eight!  You need to witness the participants riding in the race to fully understand the impact of SFN!

Nash is Qing the F3 team running in the race.  Check out the details here:  http://f3metro.com/2018/05/30/pre-blast-speed-for-need-american-4-miler-7-4-2018/

***Must sign-up in advance!  No race-day sign-up options!***

Convergence than American 4 Miler – best way to kick off your 4th of July celebration!

See you on the 4th!


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