Attack of the Bees

Lucky #7 showed up for YHC’s first Q at Revolution.  Here’s what we did:

Run up to the field for some COP






Run down the greenway, stopping for some ‘drop it like it’s hot’

At the end of the greenway, do 2 rounds of jump ups’, dips, and dercans

Run back down the greenway, stop for some more ‘drop it like it’s hot’

Pause for some reverse lunges, gather the 6

People’s Chair on the wall while we take turns doing 5 burpees & critiquing our form

Grab a rock, 2 rounds of curls for the girls

Go into a squat, take turns counting down from 10 and stand up (sneaky squats)

Run to the field for a round of ‘O God, Why Me?’

Partner up, 1 partner runs to the soccer goal, the other partner does Mercans, LBCs, and Flutters

1 Round of the Protractor



American 4 Miler on July 4th.  Convergence right before it near Midtown

Respect for Carrier, triple respect for Jedi

Welcome Shooter from NOLA, enjoy your stay in the Queen City and training at ‘altitude’

Welcome FNG Twister…distantly related to Larry Sprinkle and favorite movie is Wizard of Oz

Watch out for a Bee Hive at the end of the greenway.  They really don’t like you don’t jump ups right above their nest.


Thanks to Pipeline for getting my butt out to Revolution…fantastic AO!

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