Copperhead – At A Reasonable Cadence

Welcome back to the fold Bullfrog.  Hope to see you out a lot over the summer.

It was hot this morning.  It was muggy.  Caught me totally by surprise.  There was a discussion after we were done weighing the pros and cons of working out when it’s really hot vs. when it’s really cold.  Comment below.

We kicked off a steamy morning with a warmup lap around the hippodrome and continued to the Eastover side of the Mint where we circled up on the bricks.

25 ssh

20 mountain climbers

15 IW

12 squats at a reasonable cadence.  Cadence that is too quick encourages bad form and short cuts.

15 Peter Parkers

10 merkins

From there we moseyed over to the road.  At the stop sign we did 5 burpees and then ran up Hempstead to Colville.  At the stop sign we did 5 burpees and 20 merkins.  Flutter kicks as we regrouped.  We took a left and did 5 burpees at the next intersection, took another left, went back to our starting point and did 5 burpees and 20 merkins again.  Flutters for the six.

This time we ran up Eastover and took a left.  5 burpees at the start.  5 burpees, 20 merkins at the first intersection.  Take a left.  5 burpees, 20 merkins, 10 squats at the next intersection.  Flutters for the 6.

When the first lap around the block was done, someone suggested that when it comes to working out, getting there is half the battle.  I have to admit that after the running and the burpees and the merkins and the heat and more running, getting there seemed pretty easy compared to the working out part.

We headed up Cherokee toward the elementary school.  We stopped once for some kind of Mary activity along the way (real crunches) and continued on to the playground.

The idea was to do 10 hanging knees-to-elbows, then 20 dips, and then take a lap.  Do that 3 times.  But it seemed like a little breather was a good idea so we could get the most of our hanging knee-ups, so we added 20 LBCs at the end of the lap.  PAX love the hanging knee ups.

After three rounds we circled up on the basketball court for some bicycles and Polish twists before heading back to the Mint.  We had two minutes left when we got to the parking lot – just enough time for a set of heels-to-heaven and a minute (or so) plank.  Just a nice, straight, still, rigid plank.


Fourth of July Convergence and 4-miler!  Get signed up if you haven’t already.  And if you don’t want to run it, come out and support the Speed For Need 1-year anniversary.

Everyone is invited to SIBling Rivalry tomorrow.  You should come unless getting faster isn’t something you’re interested in.

We need Q’s for Mission I’m Possible.  You’ll see communications about that this week.

More outreach opportunities are coming up in July especially w.r.t. the Revolution efforts and upcoming activities at the Stratford Y.  More to come on that.

Thanks Daisy for thinking of your brothers and bringing the big cooler of water!!!

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  • June 25, 2018 at 5:41 pm

    This BB title reminds me of the Adam Sandler song “At A Medium Pace.” That’s an F’d up song – sort of like you calling for all those Burpees today.

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