Lowe’s Lovesesh

Another muggy morning in the Queen City. Here’s what some dudes did at Phoenix this morning:

Leave Latta heading towards Lowe’s stopping at every side street for 5 diamonds.

At Lowe’s we did 7s up to the roof and back. Burpees at the bottom and wide arms at the top.

From Lowe’s we ran down South back behind Owens bagels for some leg work. 20 squats at the top of the hill 30 LBCs in the valley and 20 more squats on top of the other hill. Rinse and repeat, but with backwards run.

Mosey back to the Playground by Latta Park for some pull-ups, derkins and LBCs until time was up. AYG back to the AO for COT.


Saturday was my birthday. Around 1 or so while I’m out celebrating my birth with a couple friends and multiple beers, I get an email from Doobie telling me he has signed me up to Q Monday morning. In my drunken stoopper, I replied with excitement and was looking forward to providing a beatdown.

Sunday morning came and I wasn’t as confident in my ability, but I had already committed. I schemed all day to put together a plan. (Read: layed in bed perusing google maps for hills and hill-like manmade structures.) I finally landed on Lowe’s because it looked like it had a roof. It was fun to go over there and not do the usual wedge , Latta loop, etc.

Thanks to Doobie for the tap and for the Pax for letting me lead them around this AM.


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