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Twelve PAX were greeted with a break in the humidity and heat at SIBling Rivalry this morning. The cool weather got YHC thinking it was a perfect morning to hit the slopes for some race skiing. Well…not really…YHC got Deer Tick’s sign up genius reminder email yesterday and came up with a plan, shortly thereafter. An uphill slalom course, hill training with a focus on multidirectional movement and agility. Or as LoveBoat eloquently summed it up in a text to YHC this morning, “it provides a different dimension of pain”. #MissionAccomplished
To set up the course properly YHC stopped at Dicks (shout out to its original founding store on Court St in Binghamton NY) after dropping 2.0 “Lebron” at Camp. YHC chose the low profile, 12 pack of cones which worked out perfect. Some mild mumblechatter that YHC didn’t take the time to have actual flags but on 21 hours-notice thought it worked.

Following OYO warm up, 5:30 hit and we launched from Randolph Middle for a field trip to Mt. Goshen by way of a loop on Wateroak, Hartness and Walker Rd. On the way a rabbit dashed in front of the Pax. A real rabbit, not Chalet, Benefactor or Tardy or the like but an actual real rabbit. YHC debated audibling to a plan to chase the rabbit around Ye Old Cotswold for the full 45 but thought better of it as he dashed into someone’s backyard. Anyway…on to Goshen. Quick note of a “pleather” red couch for unclear reasons being discarded with the morning trash at the corner of Goshen and Walker. YHC offered up, as Taf would say “the lounge” in case any Pax needed a private 10 count.

To the bottom of Goshen. Sump leads whisper cadence Mary as YHC sets up the course. 12 gates for 12 Pax alternating at 7-10 yard intervals. Regroup at the bottom for the main course with a quick round of Birdfeeders L/R x 10 OYO.
AYG running the slalom on the outside of the cones until you hit the stop sign on the corner with Walker. Plank on the 6. Mosey down the center of the cones to the bottom. AYG slalom to the top. Plank on the 6. Reverse course and slalom backdown a fast mosey pace. That’s 1 set. Repeat 3 more times for a total of 8 trips up and down the slalom course. Variations of planking at the top and Mary at the bottom. Last trip up lunge walk from the end of the last gate to the stop sign on Walker to provide YHC with just enough time to clean up the course so the commuters of Cotswold didn’t get any ideas about testing out the suspensions on their four wheel chariots. Loop back around to the RMS parking lot for Oblique crunch L/R x15 to hit 6:15 on the nose and 3.05 miles on the Garmin.


Hardworking group out there this morning. Don’t always post at SIBling on Tuesday, but always feel better for having done it.
YHC had the slalom course in mind for some time. Knew I had a Q coming up at SIBling but the auto email did catch me by surprise. Glad Binghamton’s original sporting goods store was able to accommodate. YHC enjoys getting away from the track and Goshen is the perfect combination of grade and length for hill work. There was a self-reported, though unwitnessed Merlot Spill out on the slopes. #nonames The 15” of rain we got in CLT tonight should make no one the wiser that it happened.
Couple things YHC learned this morning. Deer Tick and Sump were talking about descending the slalom at a Medium Pace, an obvious homage to Adam Sandler’s 1993 hit. Something about similar pace noted at Copperhead on Monday. Not sure what they were talking about as YHC has never posted at CH but knowing the Sandler song I’m sure it was kinky. Segues nicely to a lesson YHC learned from DayZ. After calling out Copperhead Squats YHC was educated that by definition they are down 3 up 1. Honestly never knew that. Thought Low/Slow Squat was the only squat with an implied temporal component. I should post at Copperhead, no telling what else I’ll pick up. Finally, YHC learned that when you call Rosalita don’t do an LBC. Pax “politely” made me aware.

Welcome back to cotter BullFrog after an extended time away. He was working hard and YHC was glad to have out there this morning. The slopes were fast with an excellent base and grooming all along the trail. Started the work out with 12 cones and 12 Pax and ended it with the same, consider that a win.


July 4th Convergence at 0630 at Indy AO. Core and Bootcamp options.
American 4 miler sign ups on the Twitter machine and website. I believe Sump said there is no same day registration.
Continued prayers for the families affected by student field trip bus accident in Argentina.
A classmate of Voodoo’s fourth grader passed away after a battle with cancer. Remember that family in your prayers. No doubt they need it.
MIP sign Q spots on the website.
DeerTick now the new Outreach Q #HIM
Q options at SIBling in August.
I think there was more but I hit the stop button on my phone and the above is all I can remember.

I took us out and was glad to have to opportunity to lead.


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