I Got Your Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Right Here

Eleven or twelve or thirteen guys came out for some BRR training.  Here’s what happened:

The Thang:

  • Mosey to a parking lot uptown for COP:
    • Mtn Climbers IC x26
    • Merkins IC x26
  • Chinese Downhill to top of Mutha
  • 4 full deck sprints with 5 burpees at the end of each sprint
  • Down stairs; up stairs; LBCs IC
  • 4 full deck sprints with 10 merkins at the end of each sprint
  • Down stairs; up stairs; Russian Twists IC
  • 3 full deck sprints with 10 diamonds at the end of each sprint
  • Chinese Downhill back to YMCA

The Skine:

  • It was great having Swamp M’fing Fox back with us.  He was either there to show off the new whip, to make sure I wasn’t dead (I’m not, yet), or because EZ is out of town, so the gym is closed for the week.  In any event, he lead most of the sprints, so whatever he’s doing on Mondays instead of PWW isn’t hurting his speed.
  • Two (relatively) new guys to PWW–Updyke and Catfish–had no problem keeping up with the fastest Monday workout in F3, which was a nice surprise.  In fact, Updyke ran down Cindy, Swamp and Lee at the end (not sure if he caught them–I will assume not so as to avoid Cindy’s wrath).
  • Starbuck was inadvertently standing in front of SF after one of the sprints.  Instead of moving out of the way, he chose to sprint in front of Swamp for the next two rounds.  Baller move.
  • Dredd has figured out that my cadence counting has recently been ending one rep after a round number.  It’s more demoralizing that way.

Thanks for coming out, fellas.  It was a good way to start the week.  Hope to see you there next Monday.

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