Windchasers to OBX: F3 Wind 2018

In 2014 & 2015 RDub, Blue and others shepherded an outer banks Kitesurfing weekend.  There was Turks in 2016, then 2017 saw a few trips to Sullivans and Bald Head, and a small PAX just returned from OBX Sunday night.  At OBX you can fish, surf, load up on saltwater Taffy or watch whales.  The wind was absolutely bonkers so we chose to Kitesurf.

The Thang

Tuesday @6pm over the windchasers group text, now 20+PAX strong. “Guys the forecast for OBX is solid, who’s in for this weekend?” Responses:  Gris- In, Blue- In, Newport- In, Steamer <fiddlefarting>, Wahoo, RW, DW, Wake up Call, Superman all covered in spreadsheets and other commitments.


Leave CLT @530 AM to OBX. Hit the Salvo sound side beach at noon.  Winds at 20+mph, gusts to 30.

Gris- Harnesses into the 15m kite and tears it up, zipping ship to shore like a madman

Newport- Hooked into the 17m Kite, Performs a solid triple faceplant, major kite tomohawk.  winds were too much.  Pack the 17 on the beach in between all the kiting rifraf around an angry Yankee’s LLbean tote bag, then pumps up the 12m Kite, short session as the wind spikes to 25+ while Gris is still dancing over whitecaps.


Downwinder Day. Salvo Beach again, Winds holding steady at 25mph. Gris and Blue head out for the downwinder to the Rodanthe KOA.  I hit the store for the small kite. Got the small 8M kite as demand was high.


Blue- Does a 5 mile trip in about 30 minutes blazing downwind

Gris- Follows Blue and gets the kite inverted, made some friends at the shore and met us at the street.

PM: Winds holding strong, gusts up to 30

Blue- back at Salvo showing off his backrolls on a 9m kite, doing somersaults

Gris- locked into the 10m

Newport- I got dragged around the sound like a happy rag doll on a new2me 8m kite

Total for Sat- Blue’s watch says approx 24miles kiting while providing advice and counsel to Gris and Newport.  Check out his distance on Strava.

Sun: Planet of the Apes, just south of Salvo for an expert level downwinder for 4.5miles with wind a bit lighter in 15-20mph range. On the drive down we see a small Bird nose dive to its demise into the fiery hot asphalt on route 12. Was it an omen?

Newport- fast out of the gate launches first & reached salvo in 40 mins

Blue- zig zags downwind to Salvo while spraying Gris at random intervals, racing in and out of the 10ft wide 6-in deep channels cut into the marsh, smiling ear to ear.  “like Butta”, he says later. #POML.

Gris- hooked into a smaller kite, launches strong, by the end of the downwinder wanted a ride on a big kite.  Took out the 12m and finished strong.


The kitesurfing experience is a must have and OBX is hard to beat.  A few of us got into it after looking for something different.  The M’s have to help you block off a few weekends ahead of time and set you free when the wind forecast is solid (usually 3-4 days ahead).  So pay up on the home equity first and if you have kids>10yrs old and 100lbs they will learn faster than you. You also have to accept that drives to OBX are long but there’s always a Rodeway hotel in Plymouth NC (recently renovated) to break up the trip. You can even bring the family and send them on a whalewatch while you’re learning. #zerotohero.

Good lessons are a must because things can always go wrong and safety is key.  By now most of us can refer a good kitecoach. The Kiting culture is also like F3, we all keep an eye out for one another.  A stranger from Greenville helped us all weekend with launching and landing, no questions asked, no complaints and always offering encouragement.  A guy from Saudi Arabia told us about the Planet of the Apes downwinder and he was spot on.  Kiting has a great culture with all types of interesting people.

All three of us had no idea what that bird was doing and it wasn’t an omen.

Note these key things: Gris knows real estate. He found a 6 bedroom house in OBX and locked in for $2hunge a night (#thenegotiator). Like others who live on ‘the cliffe’ in foxcroft the man has a fancy terricloth post workout garment.  This one is professionally made, he skipped the monogramming.

If you are studying the benefits of a composting toilet, go to Salvo beach on a hot day #trybeforeyoubuy.

There’s a place in waves that says its a restaurant for breakfast but it doesn’t have “real” food.

The OBX KOA puts a 4 star Marriott to shame with beach and bay access.

Blue has gone from a CLT KiteSurf Pioneer to the Backroll trickster king, launching 20+ feet in the air. The blue eyed assassin is also a motivator, adding comments like “set the kite!” and “like bad news bears!” which served up enough motivation for me to rip it up after my 2nd launch with a twisted line.

Until next time, thanks for the opportunity to make progress in this sport and to spur the trip. Join us.



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