Black Widow Transition – Suns Out style

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Tebow in the house. UGA grad. Servant leader.   #theyahtzee (2e’s) on the tweeter handle. Truly blessed to transition the torch to him, who along with Grizzly (not to be confused with Grizzlie) will maintain the fire for the @F3BlackWidow.

Why the heck would you take the AO lead? Some of you reading this may soon be one. No required rules of the role.

It’s the team that makes it happen, not the individual. A big THANK YOU to all that consistently come out each morning – that’s the motivation. 31 of F3’s finest all-around ATHLETES completed the below to celebrate the transition.

The Thang:

  • 20 SSH in the parking lot, some folks coming in hot.
  • Jog to Providence Prep Lot (see Nibbler coming in hotter – thanks for the beep)
  • Circle up and do “guns out” routine with cadence merkins then mountain climbers then merkins then mountain climbers, then merkins – burn it down.
  • Jog to top of St. Gabs hill and partner up
  • Partner 1 – Runs to bottom of hill and touch fence
  • Partner 2 – 30 dips on bar, 20 squats and then LBCs
  • Do 2 times.
  • Mary at the top with some stuff.
  • Jog across Providence, behind Eddie’s Place.
  • Circle up and do “guns out” routine again with cadence merkins then plankjacks, then merkins then plankjacks, etc.

Jog back to launch point at Trinity and transition to Tebow. Take out the scissor and cut off the sleeves – these pythons need a home bro!

  • Tebow leads a run to the back of the church on the smooth asphalt for tee-bata thunderdome.
  • 20 secs on and 10 secs off the below:
  • Legs with squats, starfish, jumps, etc.
  • Break it up with a 600 yrd run. Repeato.
  • Merkins and Peter Parkers and such.
  • Break it up with a 600 yrd run. Repeato.
  • Partner Bro-burpees.   Recommended to do with single high fives but we aren’t judging if you like the high 10s.
  • Then sprint for 20 secs, with 10 sec walk, then sprint then walk.
  • Back to AO for COT.



One of the many things that energize me about F3 is the openness along with the diversity . . . I think we all get energized by new blood, new ideas, different styles, mentality and such – and I’m not saying that b/c Tebow is going to be drastically different, I’m saying that because we all benefit from change. I personally think we benefit from old mentoring the new, and also new coaching old (not just age, but in different life experiences, background, etc.) – This world is moving quickly. We got no chance, or do we. Change is awesome, it is the world. This is change around a rock foundation.

We’ve tentatively blocked off Tues July 10th for a little fellowship. It will be a social outing, say 7pm, at Lee’roy Fox, or Le’ Roy Fox, whatever you call it. We’ll send out another reminder. We may have 2 people here, we may have 30. I’ll be one of them. Tues works because 1. If you do both Diamondhead on Monday and Black Widow on Tues than Wed you’ll sleep in, 2. World Cup semi-finals will be July 10th so may have some highlights on (and maybe Stat can come out and tell us what a “false 9” is, and bring Dry Rub – where you @ dawg?), and 3. Early weekday during the Summer is a good time slot, as it reserves your Fri – Sun for the family.

We’ll enjoy some fellowship. We’ll debate some life hacks with and old and new motif (i.e. best recent book on audible, cutting the cord on media, will future backblasts be all video, are the old folks in CLT still against bike lanes, which IPAs hydrate you best). Should be fun.

Special callout to past AO leads busting it out there in the gloom, like Newport, Panda, and Booty.   And folks like Fitty, Beatle, Carrier, Monk, Sump, Chowda who soft launched the first workout on 3/25/14. Thanks to Newport who tapped me to lead this a little over a year ago. I’ve had a ton of knee surgeries so it is a tiny miracle I’m out there.

The legacy has been passed.  Not sure how the trend of sleeveless will go, as mine keep disappearing in the wash. I’m not the one washing them either.

#shamelessplug . . . I am taking over the AO lead for Diamondhead on Mondays.   Skoal and I are taking over for Ribeye and Nibbler, so try to make it out there for a You-versus-You kettlebell workout.

Boom goes the dynamite.

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