SIB: Pomp and Circumstance

10 pax posted for a memorial service for the Rings’ family rodent. Something involving infections and owls and creative stories about hamster heaven.

We also ran a few miles.

Warm up over to Southpark area with high knees, skips, lunges in the NML parking lot.

5 hard hill repeats up Coke Plaza. Regroup for ~3 min.

6 minute hard interval. 2 min recovery. 6 min hard interval.

Jog over to BD/Carnegie intersection. Run hard repeats up Carnegie to Congress x several.

Cool down back to AG.

Swamp Fox was staggeringly far ahead on the hill sprints. Had to throw in the long intervals in between to see if it would slow him down. It didn’t. He was still out front on the hills at the end. Pusher and Belly Itcher right on his heels keeping him honest. I had a pretty good view of this crew from way behind. Glad to have Lee back at SIB. Cindy totally impressed with Easy Rings commitment to completing 100% of every interval – just like he taught him. Where was Coach this week?

July 4th is coming up. Convergence + American 4 Miler.

Read the pre-blast.

Register for the race. Do it today. Be sure to join F3 Speed for Need team. Discount Code: F3-5OFFS4N


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