2-Day Workout

22 PAX gathered on the second day of Summer, June 22. Can’t be a coincidence. If only it had been my 2nd Q and not my 3rd…

COP in the smooth lot to kick things off, leading in with every bootcamp’s new favorite move, the Windmill. Copperhead Merkins, followed closely by the March, which many don’t believe is even an exercise, then some SSH to round things out.

Mosey over to St Gabs, partner up:
Partner 1 takes off up Mt St Gabs to the rail, on your six under the rail for 7x reverse push ups while Partner 2 stays behind to work on the GRAPH. Partner 1 heads back to the start, flapjack, rinse and repeat until through:
Good Morning Abby x 50
Russian Twist x 75
Ass Kicker x 100
Plank Jack x 125
Hand-release Merkin x 150

Should have looked like this:

but YHC overestimated his own strengh and, being a strong believer in quality over quantity, ratcheted back the hand-release merkins to 100. So it looked like this:

Once the GRAPHs were complete, line up at the start. Partner 1 runs to end of parking lot while Partner 2 starts on 100x Mountain Climbers; flapjack, rinse and repeat. Same routine with Parker Peter and Freddie Mercury. Back to the AO for 6MoM.

Announcements: Calling all PAX for the American 4 Miler. Pre-run convergence at Elizabeth Traditional.
Pipeline is looking for a few PAX to support the YMCA Level Up Program, great opportunity to serve on Friday and Saturday July 13 & 14 at the Stratford-Richardson Y.

NMM: Lots of chatter today, with great gouge from Fish on high-altitude marathons. Low-altitude ones are still out of my grasp, but a man can dream I suppose. Thank you to Carrier for the creative inspiration, and today for doing at least 120% of his half of the reps. Our 50/50 split felt something like this:

Backup does provide the best platform for QICs in Metro, literally a cooler to sit on. Sorry to GAAP, I meant to work in some side squats and pistol squats, but I got so carried away with the Windmills that I forgot.

Great turnout at the best Friday/5:45 workout in Metro, and thanks as always to Backup and Noonan. Looking forward to KGB’s VQ on 6/29.

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