Charles & Charles

COP:  20 SSH, IC; 20 IW, IC; 20 WM, IC; 10 Monkey Humpers, IC

Mosey up “7s Hill” to cul-de-sac.   Partner-up for partner derkins and leg throws 10 each (2 times).

Partner up (different partner):  BLIMPS.  Partner A runs to black car, while Partner B does exercise.

Circle-up for the Kramer shuffle.

Mosey (walk) back to front of school.

Peter Parker (20, IC) Parker Peter (20, IC) Mountain Climbers (20, IC)

People’s Chair with curls for the girls; Donkey Kicks (10x); People’s Chair with overhead press; Donkey Kicks (10x); People’s Chair with skull crusher (10x).

Mary:  LBCs (20, IC); Dollies (10, IC); Freddie Merkury (10, IC); Rosalitas (10, IC); J-Lo; SuperMan (both sides).



Strides for Shelter was a success on Saturday.  A few hundred people came out; proceeds will be tallied and go to the Men’s Shelter.   Men’s Shelter team of 20 included staff, Shelter Guests (future FNGs), and Fortitude Pax.   Group shot below as well pic of Happy crossing finish line with Back-up and Snowden.


Take-out by Fresh Prince


Grateful for our 2 FNGs Fresh Prince and Boyardee.   Fresh Prince came to know us by participating in the 5K on Saturday.   He was a last minute addition who ran up to driver’s side window of the Fortitude van as we were pulling out, to ask if he would get a pair of shoes if he walked with us.  [*Special thanks to Swim Coach Rob (not an F3 name; future FNG), whose donated pair of size 11s in Pipeline’s trunk made that possible.* ]  Fresh Prince’s shoes had been stolen earlier in the week; when he came to Charlotte 8 days ago from Philly, the beds were all taken at the Shelter, so he had to sleep on a mat in the common area and  he didn’t have a secure place to keep his stuff.   Fresh Prince shared during there 5K that his friend Charles had told him “you need some shoes; go walk with that guy and he’ll give you some.”

That friend Charles (now known as Boyardee) has seen Pipeline recruit on Tuesday a.m. in the shelter lobby before the workout for nearly a year and had never come out; he always had to go to work.  But after Fresh Prince participated in the 5K, Fresh Prince came back and told his friend Boyardee that we were good guys and he should post.  They both did today and had a great time;, blessing the group with their laughter and a great take-out.   So there you have it: one friend helps another get some shoes, which leads to both Men getting some fitness, fellowship and faith.

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