Nearly Smoked The Q (but not quite)

The Thang:

EC- Baxter to Queens, escalating burpees, 10 stops – 55 burpees. Catch breath, Peter Parkers. Queens to Baxter, escalating Knee ups.

Regular: Partner Up, run to the Castle, stop for some amazing prisoner squats. Bottom of castle. Run the hot mile and a half. Up all ramps to 8, and then back down all 8 ramps. Zipper- partner up at bottom, opposite stairwells, meet at even floors for 20 handshake merkins, pass each other at 8 and back down. Do it again with 20 partner assisted LBC’s. Back to bottom. Run up all 8 flights and then back down opposite stairwell- 2 x. Top of castle exercises- bicycle, j lo’s, squats, RT’s, parker peters. Back down and to the top of Lizzy Lurker. Regroup with some squats. AYG home. 5.23 miles for full hour, 4.1 for 45 version. Avg heart rate 149.

Skin: Hot morning in the Queen City. Extra Credit was a good start to the day. Narc was flying but has no idea what a knee up is. Check Point was back from his 4th vacation of the summer- 4 nights in Cabo with the M. Didn’t slow him down. Don’t offer him any tequila. Tormund runs all the time now whether at F3 or with his son. He’s in for BRR and is ready to Q Ranger. Just needs to be asked by CMD. Ice 9 lost his breakfast on the run up or down the ramps. Not his typical chunky spew but some good hacking nonetheless. Pusher was cruising all morning. Man, he looks a lot like Bunny. Oswald just kept pushing along with Rube. No bitching, just taking care of business. Oswald, what do you do for a living? Want Ad had poor Freddy Mercury form but I heard from others that my squat form blows too. CMD rests after 3 straight F3 days. Dredd rests after 13 straight F3 days. Dredd’s new favorite football coach is Jerry Claiborne of the Boomer Esiason years at Maryland. Fear the Turtle. Was great to see Teaser Pony- he should be a bouncer. Curly and Matlock up front all am. Alibi was dreaming about legal briefs. What did loved the extra miles. Ask him about Penn State. His car got broken into at Ranger. It was the first time he had ever driven there. Left it unlocked and the M had some things stolen. Boy Scout with back to back strong posts. Looked good today. Cougar Bait was fast down the ramps- not so fast up the ramps. Dib was my partner and had to wait on the Q time after time. PBO getting in BRR form. He gets anxious thinking about BRR. Tolkien with his first Ranger post this decade. He seemed to have fun. All 6’7” of Thrust was there. He’s the gentle giant. He reminds me of Kermit Washington.

Pusher with the strong takeout. Thank you. Curly and Slaughter, thanks for the opportunity. I’ll be back in 2019.


(posted lovingly by CheckPoint)

2 thoughts on “Nearly Smoked The Q (but not quite)

  • June 28, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    Great Q Hillary! The 55 burpees right out of the gate for EC was pretty aggressive. At least Narc now knows how to do a knee up.

  • June 29, 2018 at 7:55 am

    Great workout. I give Hillary 80% credit and the humidity 20% credit for kicking my butt. T-claps to both of you. It was good. I got stronger.

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