Running Of The Bullwinkle

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
– Charles Caleb Colton

YHC stole today’s workout directly from Bullwinkle’s Fortress Q in February.  Did make a couple of tweaks so it would challenge the 21 young guns @ Bastion.

The Thang
Mosey out the St. Gabe’s parking lot/ up Providence Rd/ cross Sharon Lane to the PUMC parking lot

COT: SSH/ Mountain Climbers/ Copperhead© Squats/ Flutter

Run through the PUMC parking lot to other side/ cross Providence Rd/ down to Andover

The Bullwinkle
Run down Andover to the 2nd stop sign for 10 Merkins
Go back one stop sign for 10 Squats

Rinse and repeat until the end of Andover (private road on opposite end from Providence)

Mary for the Six at Woodlark

Homeward Bound

Woodlark to Ferncliff
Down Ferncliff: 15 Knee-ups at both speed humps & roundabout

Continue on Ferncliff: Jump Squats at each telephone pole and at Providence Rd

Back to St. Gabe’s – all the way down to lowest parking lot
Up St. Gabe’s hill to top parking lot – 5 Panda Fett Burpees
Back down – run out the clock with mosey around the bottom parking lot



July 4th Convergence/ American 4 Miler

F3 Dads: Saturday’s @ 9AM / Freedom Park Train Lot.  All ages are welcome! It’s about spending time with your 2.0’s not whether or not they can do Burpees.

Prayers for the Providence Day School families dealing with the tragic bus wreck in Argentina.

Last night, Boba Fett tweeted that Panda Fett was a HC for today & both he & Panda posted. However, Panda didn’t know about the tweet & said it was a game-time decision to hit Bastion. Guessing Boba Fett has been out of the loop for so long, he thought his name was actually Panda Fett.

BTW – Panda Fett Burpees aren’t really a thing. When YHC called for Burpees at the end someone said it wasn’t creative so switched the exercise from just Burpees to Panda Fett Burpees.

Awesome to see several new faces @ Bastion today! First time working out with Paisley, Claire, Wonton & Chicken Noodle. Glad to have you all out in the Gloom – look forward to crossing paths again soon.

Odds & Ends:  midway thru workout Coach went shirtless – Pax reviews mixed…Nouveau Grizzly claimed he was wearing bamboo underwear…Madras provided a bike escort on YHC’s run into St Gabe’s from C-Rock Starbux.  Finally, gettin’ some respect…Chalet out front all morning with Dover keeping him company….Nibs complained about today’s workout being like WIB. YHC had no response so we did Imperial Walkers to make Nibs feel better…Pitino dealt with a wardrobe malfunction with his bandana during COP & missed out on SSH…Newport with a strong take-out.

When Bullwinkle introduced this workout @ Fortress, YHC knew it needed to shared with the Beasts of Bastion. Covered almost 2 miles just running back & forth on Andover. Only disappointment is that Bullwinkle is on IR & missed today. Hope you will be returning to the Gloom very soon!

Always an honor to Q Bastion.  Thanks Hollins for the keys today. The aliens ain’t got nuthin’ on us Pax!


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