Sweet 6: The Choices We Make

We hit the reverse route and ended it with 6 x 20 second strides with 40 seconds between each starting at Starbucks which is a mile from base.  Quite simple.  Life is often anything but.  Life is filled with choices.  Small choices, big choices, significant choices, choices that impact others, choices that only you know about, etc.  But each choice alters your path.  I often wonder what certain choices might do.

Like what if I started wearing a fedora?  Everywhere.  All the time.  What if I became one of those guys.  People would say, “Oh there’s bllz again, you can tell because he has a fedora on”.  Would people think Indian Jones?  Frank Sinatra?  Rocky?  Michael Jackson?

Or what if I joined F3 Gearz and started wearing spandex and shaved my legs?  Is that a spring/summer thing or do you also shave in the fall and winter?  Do you leave some arm and chest hair or go full slick?  Pits and balls too?  Where does it stop?  Maybe it’s as simple as joining Gearz and they have a meeting or a handbook or something that explains it all.  Do they shave each other or is it a more personal thing?  I wonder.

I’ve wanted to try a British accent.  If you did it long enough would people begin to accept you as British?  And that’s probably one to adopt when you first go to college.  You form a whole new group of friends so they’d never know the difference if you walked in day 1 and just owned your Royal bloodline.  And it’s for the chicks anyway so married at 40 with 3 kids doesn’t do me any good now.  I guess I can put that one to rest although Madonna seems to be doing really well with it and I think she started hers after 40.

A lot of new cars out these days.  What if I said fk it and bought a Buick.  Yes, they still make those and apparently you don’t have to be 70 to buy one.  That’s a choice right?  Support America.  Wave that red, white and blue with pride.  But do people see that or do they see someone who gave up?  Maybe it’s more practical and less costly?  Who needs cars these days anyway with Uber and Byrd?  But I’d take a 1960 Buick any day.  One of those big boat looking things that eats a gallon a mile, blows smog like China and tops out at 50.  It has to be convertible.  Color isn’t important.  You can get away with doodoo brown or puke green with one of those.  It’s almost better.  The white leather bench seats really pop against puke green.  I’d throw some suicide doors on it and it and put some good speakers in.

And I’d float down the road in that bad boy rocking the fk out of my fedora.


3 thoughts on “Sweet 6: The Choices We Make

  • June 28, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    Hillary has had 2 Buicks. Chicks like black ones. They drink some gas.

  • June 28, 2018 at 6:56 pm

    Slice, you’re thinking of Pontiac and its rear positraction.

    2nd F lunch opportunity with MMOB tomorrow. He wants to beat the lunch crowd and meet @ K&W Pineville @ 1045a. He tells me their Salisbury Steak is the best #Buick

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