Heart thumping stack ‘em up

As My Sharona stated after the workout: “Amazing how you can get the heart rate up even when staying in one spot.”  Not too difficult actually with a non-stop, 24 minute stack routine.

Mosey to best grass in F3 land.  Start with the first two exercises then RxR adding an exercise each stack.

SSH in C

Gorilla jacks in C

– 5 prisoner get ups

– 8 diamond merkins

– Hip dips in C

– Flutters in C

– Monkey humpers in C

– 10 burpees

Two 10-counts and we’re off: Mosey along Greenway under Pearl Parkway bridge, up the steps.

Next up:  You on you – Run to clock tower at Morehead stopping at each scenic point (will call, fountain of youth, Sphinx, fountain of youth 2.0, and clock tower) for 8 merkins, 8 sit ups, and 8 squats.  Turn around for the same thing coming back.

Back to park.  Circle up for ring around the rosey.  Think we got in about 10-12 exercises, including two sets of burpees, mahktar jiy, merkins, SSH, plank jacks, jump squats and a few others.



Core portion of 4th of July convergence coming at you with a barbell whooping: Robin Hood and Rope-a-dope with the double team Q.

Still amazes me what Money and Hollywood are doing.  Bad ass triple respects.

Little W with the closing.

Great morning at Attila.



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