Mission I’m Possible – Hill Street Blues, Redux

True story: the song playing on the radio as I was parking in front of the Rescue Mission was “Everybody Hurts”. What an awesome song to hear right before you’re about to Q a workout!  REM didn’t intend for it to be a psyche up song.  Probably.  But today!  Everybody hurts!

With that in mind YHC spent a little more time on the disclaimer to make sure the PAX knew this is a you vs. you workout. Push yourself for sure.  But be smart about it.  You don’t /have/ to do everything (or anything) I say.  Who even knows if I know what I’m doing?  Let’s find out.

We circled up and started with the tried and true.

30x ssh

20x mountain climbers

15 copperhead squats

10x merkins

Hold the plank while I shared my story about the song.

5 more merkins

We satisfied ourselves that we had the full complement of participants and headed up the hill. The expansion of the Chicken Coop project has cost us our workout yard at the corner of Cedar and 1st.  Oh well.  Price of progress, AND a wonderful cause.

We took a right and then another right into the parking lot. There were some regroup exercises in the parking lot – real crunches – and then we went to the rock pile.

Always pick a rock you can be proud of. Reality took that to the next level.  Somewhere in the second round of exercises he traded in his enormous rock for a merely big rock.  Love the effort!  Vega apparently wasn’t that happy with his rock either.  He kept pounding it on the ground trying to break off little flakes to get it just right.  Did it work?  No clue.

We circled up with our rocks and did two rounds of 10 curls, 10 triceps extensions, 10 bent over rows, and 10 shoulder presses. Someday I’ll lead a workout past a rock pile and not stop.  Someday.

After carefully replacing rocks we moseyed across the street to the base of Hill Street for a round of Angry Donkey. The Angry Donkey = 11s – donkey kicks and people’s chair air presses.  We lined up along the yellow brick wall and got to work.

When that was done, we found ourselves at the bottom of Hill Street. In a seemingly unrelated story, poor Marv has been out of town “tasting” all manner of wedding cake for the past seven weeks.  Lots of cake calories for sure, but let not your heart be troubled Marv, your brothers are here for you.  So is Hill Street.

We ran up Hill Street stopping at each utility pole on the left to do 5 merkins. At the top (Marv was first to the top.  Another true story) we did LBCs to regroup.  We took a right and headed down whatever little road that is that goes to Moorhead.  In the parking lot there we partnered up for old fashioned sit ups.  Partner 1 did 25 sit ups, partner 2 did 25, partner 1 did 25, partner 2 did 25.

We ran back up to where we came from stopping again at every pole on the left for 5 merkins. At the top we did LBCs and SSH to regroup.

With 5 minutes left we moseyed down the hill and to the right. The Q passed back through the PAX and Marv led the leaders in wall sit exercises on the front wall of The Foundry.  When regrouped, we made our way back to the patio for COT.  Some ran, some moseyed, and some made it back in time for 10 shoulder presses with a chair.


Good effort by all this morning. Lots of sweat and lots of ugly effort faces on display.  Love it.

Announcement: Prayers are with Grizzly and his family as his sister recovers from a recent stroke.

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