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The gathering started off with a discussion about the Lumbees in North Carolina. Per a John Stossel report, they are the most successful of all the Native American tribes. Pembroke State University is ‘their’ university. It used to be called the Indian Normal School. So we asked Buzz Cock if he had attended. Turns out he didn’t. We were unable to ascertain if the reason was because he was rejected out of hand, since he is obviously not normal, or if they discovered that he was not normal after they admitted him and then they kicked him out. Further investigations will be necessary. Motley is on it as he is also from that area. But for the record, odds favor ‘no admittance’ vs ‘Oh shit, we made a mistake letting this one in’.


Much credit goes to all who attended today. It was HOT and HUMID.


Warmup/Burpee Ladder

A series of exercises beginning with SSHs, 10 Burpees OYO, IWs, 9 Burpees OYO, etc. The quick thinking among you will recognize the pattern, which YHC believes was likely screwed up due to the pax skipping one round of Burpees about half way thru. I’ll blame the heat for my inability to accurately count down and keep people honest, although I will note DoReMi tried to skip the round with 5 Burpees but was called out.


Next Partner up and do the following 5 times

Partner 1: Farmer’s carry to the far cone, drops the bells and runs back

Partner 2: Alternating 10 Merkins/ 10 Squats until Partner 1 returns

Since we had an odd number, I lugged my kettlebell back and forth.


Next: Circle up:

20 Upright Rows

18 Deep mountain climbers

16 Upright Rows

14 Deep Mountain Climbers


Deep Mountain Climbers proved about as popular as the Eminem Gorilla Jump yesterday.


Then, 10 minutes of:

20 KB Swings

20 KB Presses

20 KB Hammer Curls

20 KB Lawnmowers (10 each side)

20 KB Triceps

20 KB Snatches

20 KB Goblet Squats

20 KB Renegade Rows

20 KB Luganis

20 KB Wood Chops



11s Getups/Merkins


Next: to the wall for

People’s chair with air press

10 Donkey Kicks (a Motley favorite)

People’s chair with Lalannes

10 more Donkey Kicks

People’s Chair with air punches

10 Donkey Kicks


To the Parking Lot for some stretching.



Afterwards, one of the Pax reported that L’ll W called in and said the workout Suxed. However, I redeemed myself and got the workout rating increased by a full letter grade by providing cold water bottles from my cooler.


Announcements: Convergence on the 4th of July at 6:30 at Elizabeth Traditional Elementary off Hawthorne (Independence Park).



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