Mustang Hills

It was a small crowd of 8 at the start of this holiday week. Almost a crowd with no Q, but YHC agreed to accept the challenge at 8pm Friday. The request said “if no one else, volunteered at last week’s COT”. Arrived hoping someone else had stepped up to lead on this hot, humid morning. The pax were little frazzled as CMS was blocking entrances to the lot for some repaving. Only has 3 pax at 6:58. Fortunately a few more arrived and then Shawshank came barreling in on two wheels and as expected, his timing got fouled up with his favorite Mustang entrance shut down. Deciding to be kinder and gentler in Metro this am, we did a little COP in case someone else showed up late. Or maybe the Q was still trying to figure out where he was going to go…. As typical, Pbo rolled in 2 minutes late and joined us with no apologies.

So then we were off. Hillary wore his tired old green leprechaun shirt that needs to be retired it is so stained and frayed around his massive pecs. No worries though as the shirt was off and he was sharing the bear bristle chest in the first 5 – its getting pretty gray. Where was Cindy when you need him to hide a Hillary shirt? He probably boycotted this workout, expecting the Q to bring out the True Americans – but they never came out today – another head fake.

After a shaky start of dips and derkins we were up the Colony hill toward Selwyn doing merkins at every intersection. Strong lead by Pusher, Dredd, and Shawshank. On to TCBY and the fountain for some more dips and derkins – the pax are tiring of the monotony and Dredd is heckling the Q on his cadence counting again – he later remarks he was worried YHC just didn’t have it together today.

Over to the Brandywine Hill for suicides with jump squats. A routine stolen from #Swampfox. Hillary whined like a spoiled kid from Nantucket and asked if we could get the long leg out of the way first – “No Hillary, I want you to worry about that long one until the very end”. Pusher was way out front – where has he come from? YHC has seen him at two (2) bootcamps this week. What? That is similar to what #Bunny used to do. Turns out he is about to leave his kids and travel to Scotland for 2 weeks with his M and he was packing in the F3 workouts this week. Hopefully Mustang will help him sleep on the plane.

Repeated that Brandywine suicide and the complaining continued – except from Proehl. That young stud (rising senior slotback at Myers Park) just cranks it out and seldom says a word. he is rolling into summer football workouts too so he is packing it in this summer.

Over to the trail on Westfield with merkins at every park bench. There are a lot of them. Did 23 at YHC’s new favorite one. Shank will owe me for a while on that one.

Then to Tranquil for 3.5 rounds of 4 corners with your partner on the Tranquil, Hillsdale, Wales, Chelsea square. It was brutal. Holtz said he didn’t realize Wales hill was steeper. He must not have even been tired yet. Pbo was around somewhere but ever since he showed up late he had been quiet too. Maybe he was just cruising along like Holtz.

Headed back home. Stopped for some dips and derkins and lost Hillary. Some said he went home, some said he went back to the AO. Evidently he just decided to jack the Q and go another way. We found him on Colony doing merkins by himself #justbeinghisownman.

Back to COT and an attempt to stop sweating which it turns out was not really possible for another 45 minutes or so.

Enjoyed the morning fellas. That was a lot of hills.


2 thoughts on “Mustang Hills

  • July 1, 2018 at 5:13 pm

    Yup, it started slow but eventually turned into a Snotwoggle. 3.5 HotLoops was a brutal way to end. Very worried when Hillary just drifted off to OldManLand or wherever Gilman guys go to drink their Emotional Martinis, but then he appeared again, like Lazarus raised from the dead.

    Only yesterday did I confirm that Pusher is IN FACT Bunny’s little brother. Thought it was a Replicant joke before that.

    Slept well last night, thanks to MicroPoint’s poorly cadenced but well brought Q.

  • July 2, 2018 at 10:46 am

    Outstanding Q Decision Point. And to top it off, your BB’s are getting better. You’re actually a funny guy. Two things I am not- spoiled or lazy but that workout took its toll. Pusher is the real deal. Are there any rifty guys faster and stronger the Dredd and Check? Name one? Thanks to Pro for talking to me and Shank for telling the funny story about when he passed out at the finish line of an 8 K. All good stuff.

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