Not much oxygen in the DMZ

The last week of June started with a beat down for five of Metro and Area 51’s finest plus YHC.

Moseying down Camilla toward Carmel Middle, YHC and One Eye relished the nice breeze that made the Charlotte weather a little less unsavory.  Apparently that’s the F3 equivalent of early calling a putt as the next 44 minutes were dead calm.

Cozy COP of SSH, merkins, Mountain Climbers, and some form of Mary

Continue mosey to the bottom of the Fernbank halfpipe, then partner up for 7s of hand-release burpees and jerkins on the halfpipe with stops at the bottom for 10 partner hand-slap merkins each time (12 in total).  Time and oxygen suck

Join Larry Birds Uncle Phil and Pothole for some mary

Backwards run up to Camilla

AYG to the speed bump followed by a bit of Mary to catch our breaths

Excruciatingly long backwards run to the next speed bump with mo’ Mary

Long AYG to the entrance to Carmel Middle with, you guessed it, a little more Mary

Mosey back to the ranch with stops at each speed bump for 5 hand-release merkins


Naked Man Moleskine:

Good to be back in the saddle at the DMZ

Small and quiet group, but man did everyone push themselves and their partners

Great to have Pothole back out there.  Dude was flying on the 7s

The halfpipe sucked all the oxygen out of the air.  Lesson learned about talking about the nice breeze before COT

Thanks to Aquafresh for the keys and to the Pax for putting up with YHC

God bless,


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