7 Pax again made Copperhead the best 0600 Monday AO in Metro for more than 5 years running


From the Mint museum home base, mosey to Randolph Rd Park to the baseball field. Partner up. One partner bear crawls (or gorilla runs if you’re Raider) to first base then runs back while the other partner does squats. Then partner #1 bear crawls to first then adds a lunge walk to second while the other partner does SSH. Then after the bear crawl and lunge walk, add a backward lunge walk from 2nd base to 3rd base while the partner does LBC. The last 90′ from 3rd to home plate is broad jump.

Mosey over to the medical office buildings on Randolph and collect your favorite stone. Alternate running a lap with said stone and doing the called stone-related exercise: bicep curl, shoulder press, tricep extension, and polish twists.

Mosey to the back entrance to the Mint Museum for peoples’ chair and air presses. Then to the low wall at Eastover park for 11s of dips and derkins. Then to the Mint flagpole for Mary until the duck says it’s 6:45.


YHC was glad to be back out as Q this morning. The babies at home don’t make it easy.

The Pax enjoyed a luxurious cooler of ice water courtesy of Day-Z. Great finish to a muggy morning.

4th of July Convergence at Elizabeth Elementary (next to Independence Park) at 0630. American 4 miler follows at Metropolitan. Note the “Clydesdale” category for men > 200 lbs.  Speed for Need is participating as well.

Welcome El Guapo visiting from Raleigh! Thanks for coming.

GAAP takeout

Thanks all

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