Governator 6/27

In what was supposed to be a follow up to Silent Bob’s creative Q from Monday would in fact turn out to be a total impromptu Q by YHC.

Quick mosey down Camilla to Carmel Middle Benches for Dips and Derkins

Audible out of going to the track and instead turn back and make our way through Huntcliffe to Rock Creek Drive (some mumblings of motha gruntcliffe from the Pax).

At rock creek (terrible hill – not many rocks) start at the bottom and go up 5 times doing an exercise at the top and bottom and alternating the count of each one.

So 20 Carolina Dry Docks then 10 Heels to Heaven followed by 10 Dry Docks and 20 Heels to Heaven, etc. etc.  – not sure we ever got everyone on the same page here.

Repeat 5 trips up and then mosey back through Huntcliff, brief stop for some bear crawl and then back to Church of Charlotte for a final round of wall sits and dips.

5 Burpees OYO and that was all for the day.  Approx 3.3 Miles of unorganized fun.


4th of July Convergence at Elizabeth Traditional 6:30 AM followed by American 4 Miler

Speed 4 Need at the event

Cuda Run Thursdays Ben & Jerry’s Fairview


Thanks to both Silent Bob and Aquafresh for the opportunity.

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