Just Another Manic Monday

It was Just Another Manic Monday. Apologies to all you bearded millennials who were not spinning Bangles vinyl in 1986. But sometimes we are just a little cranky on Monday mornings. Especially hot, humid mornings when you are pushed hard and not well recovered from the hot, humid, work you did on Saturday and Sunday. And now you have to get up earlier and then hopefully stop sweating before you have to go into the office. unless you are #Hillary, and then you don’t go to the office – you just go feel the cool breeze in Nantucket, sitting on your porch, looking at your neighbors house – the CEO of Google. Wait – why are we talking about Hillary – he wasn’t even here. Oh, that’s right – he’s in Nantucket again.  Not having a Manic Monday.

Well, YHC planned on going to McHorsey today to support my friend #Disney and to get in some BRR prep work on those hills that are somewhere way down south near Matthews and #Stingers new McMansion. But even Stinger does not go there. He knows where to find a quality Monday beatdown – all the way Uptown at PWW. By the way, why do we Charlotteans refer to Uptown anyway? Doesn’t everyone  else say Downtown? YHC knows what you cynics are saying – it is just a snobby city booster thing that originated back in the 80’s (when the Bangles were feeling manic) to sound cool. Well, only kinda true. It actually originated in the 1700’s because the center of the city was located on a hill between Sugar and Irwin creeks. Ever run #SweetSix, or head to #Muthaship from Captain Jack? You know you are going UPtown then. And Downtown? Well that stuff got started in the 1800’s when Manhattan was expanding North and they had to refer to the new area as uptown (upper Manhattan) and the original major center of business was south on the map and hence Downtown. OK, too much time on my hands this holiday week…

As YHC accepted the call (actually it was not even worthy of a phone invitation – just a cold text) from Gandalf to step up and Q this am, I reluctantly accepted and wasn’t real happy about it at 4:40 this am. Why 4:40 you ask for a 5:30 workout – well YHC does not live near Uptown. I just like the people there. Plus I get to listen to #43Feet podcasts on my long drive in.

Feeling kinda manic, there were no pleasantries this am – just take off and head uptown. #Stinger was feeling a little manic cause he pushed it hard at #Caffeine yesterday. #Ice9 on the other hand was feeling froggy and tried to drop the Q. We stopped at some nondescript asphalt parking lot (sadly lots of those in Uptown), and did a little COP. #Dredd was feeling a little manic and for the third time in a week, started critiquing YHC’s cadence counting. After a few head fakes, just as #gandalf predicted, the True American’s came out. But this time YHC had some perfect 6 count rhythm going and the heckler through out a compliment. Then as we departed the asphalt lot, just like they discussed on that sweet (but sometimes rambling, and oftentimes too lengthy) podcast #43Feet, #Dredd used some of the gentle art of persuasion to share a few tips on improving that cadence counting even more. Maybe I should have just watched that video that supposedly is out there on the World Wide Web somewhere. But why bother – who even does exercises in cadence in #Metro anymore?

We used those True Americans at every street corner for what seemed like a long time. Then we made it to the BB&T deck for a triple nickel up the ramps. Those ramps are sweet because they still catch some fresh air blowing in from College Street. But no – SECURITY! It took two of them, waiting for us at the top of the ramp to stop the onslaught of the pax. For our own safety, and the potential liability of BB&T, they bounced us! It was a manic Monday and YHC already mentioned #Dredd was a little manic because he also crushed #Caffiene yesterday and he scowled at the infiltrators interrupting our effort to make ourselves better. But as we later learned, he was a better man and chose not to cross examine these two fine safety officers.

Instead we headed for the stairwells. It was awful. Hot, humid, and filled with the stench of baked urine, we crushed those stairs for several rounds, much to the chagrin of the pax, especially #Ice9 who was headed out the door to fresh air when he was notified we were going back up. Who knew those stairwells go higher than the top of the deck and ascend on up into some office space. #Galdalf, likely still upset over the Security Guards infiltrating his PWW AO, decided to remove a chain blocking further ascent so we could climb some more. #Thrust did not seem happy – blame it on #Gandalf. #Paula was up at the front this am as well, just quietly crushing it. #Tormund who is from north of the wall, where winter has already come, did not seem to enjoy the heat of the stairwell either. But #Tormund just shows up at every varsity workout in Metro and quietly focuses on getting better and getting closer to the front of the pack every month.

Not yet out of time we crushed some stairs at Epicenter. Those are nice open air ones with a view of the skyline so sweet that we decided to lay on our backs for some Mary to take in the sights. The Q needing a little breather might have influenced that as well. #Matlock was with us today – does he do bootcamps? He seems to be running all the time – #8@8 regular. But he was there at PWW this am. Seemed like he was not too taxed so we decided we needed to share the #Mutha with him. #Hopwood knows the #Mutha. Despite having to work with #Ice9, he still posts regularly at #PWW and sees #Ice9 there. Does Ice have him showing regularly at #Promo as well? Maybe so. That is the second best Wednesday workout in Metro. Did anyone notice we had three lawyers at PWW this am? and we learned at COT that one of those attorney’s is now an Uptown scooter aficionado. Even a #Rifty can act like a bearded millennial at times.

The Mutha was sweet. Sweet because we only had time for one climb and then we witnessed the Lord’s great blessing of a beautiful sunrise from the top. Maybe it was not such a Manic Monday after all. It was beautiful and we enjoyed so low slow’s to just be able to gaze at the beauty.

Race to home and thankfully it was over.

Come join us Wednesday for convergence at Ranger followed by American 4-Miler. Then join us again next Monday for convergence at Captain Jack for an old throwback – AMRAP on the Mutha. #restupson

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  • July 2, 2018 at 3:14 pm

    This was incredibly long, extremely detailed and mostly accurate. You did learn how to count today though. #RiftyProud

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