Orthopedic Clinic at Split Endz

Sixteen posted to get better. The waiting room was full of non-compliant complainers.

Fifteen returned, as the Knack peeled off the return run route to run home. Enough, already?


  • Run, ~2.51M says Garmin; Girardi led a lot…OK, all. Coach and Rocket were in NFL Combine running mode.
  • Buzzed the Diamondhead AO and found several sleeping in a circle.
  • COP: Merkins, lots of merkins, at regular intervals.
  • Surprise to many but Cougar registered some complaints.
  • Resting on ground to work on beach tummy.
  • Road trip to Spacklers and parts of MPHS cross country course.
  • Spackler repeats were excellent for low O2.
  • Finish at Selwyn smoker lounge.
  • COT.

Nekkid News

  • A lot of 50-somethings but no ortho care required, today. No hip, ankle, knee, spinal injuries observed.
  • Competition broke out for future Q dates, including fishing story large lies.
  • Convergence on Wednesday, July 4, yes, then 4-miler not to miss.
  • Prayer requests, spoken and unspoken.
  • COT prayer launched us into Monday.
  • Thanks, Chips, for site Q leadership.

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